How to Crack Airforce Final Interview and GD Round


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Hello students, this is Suniltams from TAMS Studies coaching centre. Now, in this blog post, I am going to discuss the group discussion round in Air Force. You will get to know how to crack the Airforce Final Interview and GD Round.

I know you want to get the job, especially in the Air Force and there would be so many confusions in your mind related to the group discussion.


  • How to crack that and
  • How to appear confident and
  • What should be the points which you should include in your personal introduction
All these things must be worrying you and you may not be getting proper guidance, Now, with this blog post, I am going to help you and I am going to make it very simple for you So that you can easily crack the personal introduction and group discussion round and you can get your dream job in Indian Air Force.

How to Crack Airforce Final Interview and GD Round

First of all, I would like to say that the interview and group discussion is going to happen in the English language. So the first step is you should have a habit of reading the English language daily at least for 20 minutes. But the reading should be loud and clear this reading will help you in absorbing the English language in a very natural way. Because languages are learned by observation and by practising in the easiest way. The next step is that the Indian Air Force is also looking for a candidate who is good and you are also looking for a job which is good. So you do not need to feel inferior you just go with 100% confidence and feel that yes they need you. You are the right candidate for Indian Air Force and yes you should have a proud feeling in your heart that you will serve your country.
When you have this feeling in your heart that you will serve your country your confidence will automatically be high and your answers would be confident. Another thing is maintaining the proper tone. Your tone should not be hard and should not be over-polite. It should be in a moderate manner.

Personal Introduction

Do not include unnecessary things in your personal introduction round. Just tell them your name, qualification, a little bit about your family and hobbies. And just tell them why do you want to join Airforce.

Group Discussion

And the next thing is a group discussion. In a group discussion let me tell you in advance if you have been reading for a while loudly if you have been speaking in front of a mirror and if you have been doing all these things on a daily basis, group discussion will not be a tough thing for you. Actually, it would be a Cakewalk but the point is that you must practice daily at least for 20 minutes reading 10 minutes of speaking and so many other activities which you can do to supplement your preparation for that reputed interview round.

In group discussion just feel relaxed and go through the passage which you are going to get after that just use your imagination and your past experiences. Mix each and everything with that and when you are going to speak.

How to Crack Airforce Interview Final GD Round
Airforce – Fighter Planes – USA
So once you have proper knowledge, you just mix with the topic of the essay and just use your topics politely and loudly they just want to check whether you are fluent in English and you can put forward your points to the interview panel or not and if you just follow all the steps mentioned above, I am hundred per cent sure that you will get the job.

Some Additional Things

GD is the last test conducted & mostly conducted on the second day of the selection process.

It is just qualifying in nature. So don’t worry if you make any mistakes.

Only marks of Maths Physics, Eng & RAGA are considered for merit.

Now coming to the question.

This is how the Airforce GD Round is conducted.

  1. One by one you are asked to give a brief introduction.
  2. They give a piece of article to everyone in the group.
  3. You are asked to return it after reading it.
  4. Group discussion begins on a given topic.

Some Tips:

Prepare an introduction beforehand including your hobbies, interests, where you belong to, your school etc.

As your communicating skills are being assessed, so don’t worry you don’t get much time to speak. Since they can do that just by listening to the first few sentences you speak.

Drink some water, Be confident, be audible and you will clear it.

There is nothing which can fail you in this round.

Thanks and with all love

Suniltams English Guru

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