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Master the Conditional Sentences Now

Master the Conditional Sentences Now English Language Lessons Free

How to Master the Conditional Sentences Now. Learn English Grammar in the easiest way with relevant examples and easy to understand definitions. Is learning English Conditional Sentences a nightmare for you? Not any more. In this post, we are going to discuss how to understand English Conditional Sentences in very easy steps and formulas. Table …

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How Do You Spell Restaurant?


If you’ve ever been stumped by the spelling of the word “restaurant,” you’re not alone. It’s a word that can trip up even the best of spellers, and there’s no shame in admitting that you’re not quite sure how to spell it. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the spelling of …

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Subject Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement English Language Lessons Free | Suniltams

Syntax – Subject Verb Agreement Table of Contents Syntax – Subject Verb Agreement. 1 Syntax has two main parts: 1 Subject Verb Agreement. 1 In case of subjunctive, we always prefer were instead of was. 1 We do not use s/es with the verb in case of the usage of Bless, save, help, live, etc. …

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How to Master Pronouns

How to Master Pronouns English Language Lessons Free | Suniltams

Learn Everything about Pronouns Types Usage Definition and other necessary facts. Post useful for English Learners, IELTS and TOEFL Aspirants, Competitive Exams like SAT, etc Pronoun Contents Pronoun. 1 The Correct Definition of Pronoun – Pronouns are the words which we use to refer to nouns which are already clear. 1 Below sentences are examples …

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Prepositions in the English Language

Prepositions in the English Language | English Language Lessons Free

Prepositions in the English Language   Let’s Learn Prepositions Table of Contents Let’s Learn Prepositions. 1 Definitions of Preposition. 1 Important Notes about prepositions: 1 Preposition is always used before a noun/pronoun. 1 Preposition cannot be followed by a verb. 1 List of prepositions: 1 These are called phrasal prepositions: 2 Some important prepositions: 3 …

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What is Inversion?

What is Inversion in English Langauge Lessons Free | Suniltams

What is Inversion in the English Language? Know everything in this post. Inversion Table of Contents Inversion. 1 What is inversion?. 1 Normal Structure of the Sentence. 1 Inverted Structure of the sentence. 1 Some more examples of inverted sentences or Inversion: 1 What is an inversion? When we use the adverb in the starting …

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What is Gerund Examples Difference usage Concept English Language

What is Gerund? What is the use of a Gerund? Also, what is the difference between a gerund and an infinitive in the English Language Grammar? in this post, you can easily understand. A gerund is a verbal noun in ‘ing form’ of the verb. We use gerund for the verbal nouns which are related …

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Articles in the English Language

Articles in the English Language | English Language Lessons Free

Articles in the English Language Table of Contents There are three Articles in the English Language: 1 These articles are classified into two types: 1 Indefinite Articles. 1 Examples of ‘a’ and ‘an’: 1 Let’s more the Definite Article ‘The’: 2 Examples of ‘The’: 2 Let’s understand with this Story: 2 We use Articles in …

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What is the Difference Between Some and Any

What is the Difference Between Some and Any

Hello Dear Friends, I have never met any person who could explain the difference between some and any. Most of the teachers and people were just giving me vague explanations and reasons and rules of the grammar which they don’t understand themselves. They just crammed them. However, I have found the real difference between the …

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Who is the Best English Trainer in Aligarh?

Who is the Best English Trainer in Aligarh, Suniltams Guruji Aligarh

Hello, Dear English Learners in Aligarh. I can understand that you are curious to know who can help you learn good English. Well, I am going to share the real thing with you. If you join any coaching centre which provides English Speaking Course in Aligarh, you will surely learn a lot. I advise you …

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