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What is Inversion in the English Language? Know everything in this post.

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Inversion. 1

What is inversion?. 1

Normal Structure of the Sentence. 1

Inverted Structure of the sentence. 1

Some more examples of inverted sentences or Inversion: 1

What is an inversion?

When we use the adverb in the starting of the sentence for emphasis, we call it Inversion.

Normal Structure of the Sentence

Subject + verb + ……

Inverted Structure of the sentence

Adverb + verb + subject ……

Normal – He hardly studies.
Inverted – Hardly does he study.

Normal – He never goes to temple.
Inverted – Never does he go to temple.

Some more examples of inverted sentences or Inversion:

  • Round the corner went Jacob.
  • Under a tree was sitting a lady.
  • Seldom had I seen such a healthy baby.
  • Rarely is she absent from duty.

Not Only….

  • Not only did he beat her but also killed her.
  • Not only did she watch TV but she also cooked meal.
  • Not only does he rob her but he also smashed everything.

No Sooner…

  • No sooner had she seen her husband than she hugged him.
  • No sooner did he see the dead body of his wife than he burst into tears.

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