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Hello, As many of you may already know who is writing this post, It is Sunil Chaudhary, One of the Digital Marketers and SEO Experts in the world. In this post, I am going to share the Top Reasons to Rank Your Google My Business Listing Higher.

Business owners often avoid the importance of SEO or Ranking their GMB higher in Search.

This happens because they think they have a stronghold in their business.

However, this is not true.

See, in your city, there are new saree showrooms. New Hotels are taking shape in your city. So many new restaurants are opening. New Coaching Centres are being inaugurated.

I would say in every segment, your city is witnessing new and aggressive businesses coming up.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that helps small businesses create and manage their Google listings, which appear when customers find businesses on Google Search and Maps. It helps business attract new customers and share information about what makes them special.

Why is it important to Rank Your Google My Business in Top 3 Results?

These days more than 75 per cent of people search Online whey want to find a product or any service.

And, 70 per cent of people make a purchase when they find something via a search engine.

By Ranking Your Google My Business Higher, you can appear right when people are searching for products or services you offer.

For Example, Colours of Saree Suhag in Aligarh gets 30 per cent of its customers through google by managing their reviews and posting offers and events regularly.

Secure Your Place in the Market

So, what are you doing to secure your place in the market? Are you just spending lacs on Traditional Advertisement like Banners, Hoardings, FM Radio Ads, and Magazines?

Are you still not doing digital marketing?

Do not you have a dedicated digital marketer for your business?

This is high time you should appoint one Digital Marketer or Hire A Digital Marketing Agency for your business.

I am telling the businesses with great online business presence will always have more business than those which are not present online.

For Example, if someone is looking for sherwani suits in Aligarh, See yourself who will get the most of the customers:

if the person is searching “where can I get good sherwani in Aligarh
where can I get good sherwani in aligarh
Obviously, the three businesses which are appearing on the top of the search, Mahashay Garments has maximum chances of getting more and more customers in the Sherwani Segment in Aligarh City. you can also rank your Garments business on top like this. Contact us at 9759999231

Let’s see another example

If someone is looking for English Language Classes in Aligarh, how that person can search and what are the possibilities for the business which is ranking on top

Best English Speaking Course Aligarh
Best English Speaking Course Aligarh

Now, which business is likely to get more business? You can see that TAMS Studies is ranking with Adwords as well as in the Top Local Pack of Google My business. No, Doubt TAMS Studies is going to get the most.

Let’s see another example where a saree showroom is appearing on top

Best Saree Showroom in Aligarh
Best Saree Showroom in Aligarh

Here you can see that the Google My Business listing for Colours of Saree Suhag, New Madhuram Sarees, Sheesh Mahal Plaza, are appearing on top.

You can easily understand that these three are going to get more business and more customers than others.

Let’s see the difference if someone is searching for Best Lehenga Choli Showroom Aligarh

Google My BUsiness Results for Best Lehenga Choli Showroom in Aligarh

Now, see the change in the results. For Lehenga Choli, different businesses are appearing on top.

Therefore, it is important that for which segment you want to rank your business high. It is not possible to rank for every keyword nor tough. However, it is always wise to prioritise your keyword for google my business.

There is a lot of competition. So, focus on the main service where you want to attract most of your customers with the help of Google my Business.

GMB is the cheapest way to promote your business online. However, genuine SEO can help you with this matter. Contact 9759999231 now if you also want to rank your business on top.

Google My Business is Very Important

Nothing beats Google My Business when it comes to Online Business Visibility. There is no doubt that Google is a leading search engine in the world.

And, if your business is appearing on top of your main service, do not be surprised that you will be getting the maximum number of eyes and footfall to your business.

What is more important when people are searching for something similar to your business, every time people are able to see your business.

Therefore, you are building a constant Brand Image for your business.

Whom Should You Hire For Google My Busines and Digital Marketing?

There are a number of digital marketing and Google My Business Set up Companies or agencies which boast of providing good work.

However, I would suggest you check the existing work of these agencies and try to verify if the results are really impressive and can lead to business benefit.

Once you are sure, then only you should proceed with the Digital Marketing Agency. At JustBaazaar, we have given great results in many cities around the world.

Our work speaks itself for our great performance. So, if you are looking for an agency that can work with a great passion for your business taking care of everything from SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing to Business Listing and Managing Ad Campaigns, Hire JustBaazaar.

Start Now or Keep Waiting

I am sure you understand the importance of Ranking your Google Business Listing on top of the search.

You need to be regular and persistent with SEO and other necessary optimizations.

The information should be consistent across platforms like social media and listings.

A well experienced Digital Marketer like me can surely help you accomplish this goal.

Start Today

I have been helping many businesses across the globe achieve more and more with my services like GMB, SEO, SMO, and Business listing. The most important thing is to rank your Google my business listing higher and be consistent with Social Media Posts.

Now, it is your turn to start and see the results coming your way.

Contact me on my Email or on my WhatsApp.

Have a Happy Business!

Sunil Chaudhary
CEO & Founder – JustBaazaar – Leading Online Business Promotion Company

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