How To Rank Google My Business Higher

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By Guruji Sunil Chaudhary

Welcome to my post. Here I am going to share how can you rank your business higher in Google Maps or you call that Google My Business. Some people also call them Map Results based on Location and Ratings when people search for a service provider or any place in Google Search Engine. We are going to discuss How To Rank Google My Business Higher.

How To Rank Google My Business Higher

I know, most of the business owners have already listed their business on Google My Business. They have also downloaded the GMB App from PlayStore. Now, they think that just by looking at that or getting people to click their link or by getting more and more reviews their business is going to Rank Higher.

How To Rank Google My Business Higher

First of All, this is not that much easy. Moreover, if it was that easy, your business would not rank in that case as well. Why? Because every other person would have been doing the same thing.

So, What is required. Yes, Something extra is required to be done. To Rank your business Higher in Google search or in any other search engine, you as a business owner has to do something extra.

Proven Methods to Rank Your Google My Business Higher

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Being said that, let me tell you further how can you rank your Business Higher in Google Maps or in Google Search. We are going to discuss the most comprehensive things in a pretty easy manner. Easy manner, so that you can do it yourself.

What is Ranking in Search Engines?

You can understand the ranking in this way that how high your business is appearing in Searches. The first page of Google is very critical and quite important. This is because over 99 per cent of Google users do not even check the second page.

Here, I am going to share some important and easy tips to Rank Your Business Higher in Google Search.

Earlier, Google search engine was utilized big industry houses and big chain companies. However, the situation now is quite different. Now, even a very small business owner can also make his/her business appear on Google search and that too in top results.

We have answered How To Rank Google My Business Higher

Yes, it has become possible. You can do it too. Just follow the basic and easy steps I am going to share below.

Tell Google Everything about your business. How will you tell? Yes, the only way is writing something online via Blogs or websites or listings sites like JustBaazaar. Once you have created your business listing on Google My Business, Follow the below Steps:

Top 7 Tips How To Rank Google My Business Higher

  1. Verify Your Google My Business Listing – Without proper verification, your Google My Business is like it does not even exist. Therefore, you can understand how important it is to get your GMB Listing verified. Most of the times it gets verified by SMS or call. Somehow if it does not happen, No worries, you get a postcard within 8 to 12 days. Just follow the steps and you are done.
    Verify Your Google Business Listing
    Verify Your Google Business Listing
    1. Contact Information and Website – Contact Information, Email Address, Website URL, Social Media Connects, etc should be Accurate.
    2. Business Hours – Updating the Business Hours on your Google My Business listing really important. It tells your potential customers when to visit your business and when not to.add-special-hours-google-mybusiness
    3. Avoid Any Duplicate Piece of Information – Google Understand unnecessary and stuffed information, Contact Numbers, etc. It is only wise you avoid these. Recently one of GMB listing was suspended. I am still struggling to get it reinstated.

      How to fix Google My Business Listing
      How to fix Google My Business Listing
    4. Get Google Reviews – When people review your business and leave tier precious feedback, Google take it very sincerely. These ratings and reviews tell Google how trustworthy your business is.
      And, people will be benefitted if they use your services and products. Get more and more Google reviews. One thing needs to be kept in mind that, you can not change or alter the reviews and ratings you get on your business as it happens on some paid business directories.
      However, if you are providing good services and good products, you may get a few bad reviews and ratings.
      In order to get reviews, you just need to copy the review link and share it across with your friends and on social media platforms. Most of the people and your friends are tend to give 5 Star Ratings only.
      Also, create a landing page which can also refer the visitors to give your business 5 Star Rating and positive reviews.

      Google My Business Listing Reivews
      Google My Business Listing Reviews
  2. Properly Categorize Your Business – You get all these options while creating a Google My Business Listing. Also, if you have existing GMB Listing, you can go to the ‘info’ tab and update the industry and business categories accordingly. The category gives the correct idea to google if your business should be ranked for a particular search or not. Also, Include a decent number of SEO Keywords in Your Listing Sub Categories and Listing Description.
    How to appear in Google Local Listings
    How to appear in Google Local Listings

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  3. Embed a Google Map On Your Website – Yes, when you embed your Google My Business Listing on your website, it confirms to google that your business is operating at the same address. It gives more authority to your business in googles eyes. Make sure you use the same address across the internet and all websites and all social media platforms. In order to embed a google map, you get the option in your listing when you open it. Also shown in the image on this page.

    How to embed google map on my website
    How to embed google map on my website
  4. Optimize the Listing Description – Even though Google My Business Listing description has a limit. However, it is more than enough when we talk about ranking. Just update it with some local SEO Keywords. That is it. For Example. “Best Restaurant in Rajouri Garden”, Delhi”, or “Top Nail Salon in New York”,

    Description Google My Business Listing
    Description Google My Business Listing
  5. Use a Local Telephone Number – Local Phone in Google My Business is a symbol of permanency and tells that you are really located in that area. Google prefers Local numbers over the superfluous or Toll-Free Numbers. I hope you got the point here.
  6. Add Photos to the listing – Photos prove that you are in fact doing business which is great and flooded by people. Make sure you use enough photos. use photos wisely. There are different sections for Identity photos, cover image, interior pics, exterior pics, team pics, at work photos, etc. So, you get enough space to update photos. YOu can easily locate the place from where you can photos to your listing in no time.

    How to add photos to Google My Business
    How to add photos to Google My Business

Now You Know How To Rank Google My Business Higher. I am always there to help you. You can always contact me at 9759999231, Whatsapp, Call, Email – [email protected], Facebook –, etc.

These 7 steps are a great thing to do. However, they alone do not make sure that your business will rank higher always. As there are many other factors. And, the world of SEO is endless.

I am sure when you follow these steps, you will see a great ranking improvement in your Google My Business Listing.

You can always contact me. I am a person of Great use when it comes to SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Promotion, etc

These were the Best Methods to Rank Your Googe Listing Higher in Search.

Your Friend
Sunil Chaudhary
SEO Expert & CEO JustBaazaar

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