How to List your Business Online

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By Guruji Sunil Chaudhary

How to List your Business Online!. It is going to be a simple and straightforward process. The layout I am going to share with you is the standard one and most of the directories have the same. There may be a change in theme but the idea remains similar.

How to List your Business Online!

How to List your Business Online
How to List your Business Online

Step 1: Creating an Account

Just go to the site and locate the option of Sign Up. Create an account by filling up all the details:

    • First Name – (Your Name)
    • Last Name – (Last Name)
    • E-Mail – [email protected] (mail address)
    • Password – 123456
    • DOB – 28-11-1996
    • Location – India
    • Fill in the Captcha

Step 2: Add your Business

After creating an account, you will be eligible to add your business to the site. There will be “Add your Business” or “Free Listing” button at the Top. Then, fill in the following details:

  • Business Name – Put the name of your Company
  • Address – Be careful with addresses on the web, you should have exact same addresses on each website to have maximum benefits.
  • City – Enter the city of your Business.
  • Zip code – Postcode of your city
  • Phone Number – Business phone number, some allows multiple phone numbers.
  • Website – Put the main website of your business.
  • E-mail – Your corporate e-mail ID
  • Business Category – Select the most suitable category or simply type one.

Further Steps: You will be taken to a few final steps, depends on a directory.

  • About – Fill all the details about your business, products, services and history. This is a crucial element because customers get an Idea about you. So try to be real and attractive here.
  • Media-Most sites allow media files to be attached to your company’s profile. Add a logo, a few images and a video if possible.
  • Review/Verification – Many sites review each business information they receive; it may take from 2 days to a week. The status will be sent to your registered e-mail id.

Tip: All the time if you write a unique description in your profile; your request will be accepted.

The process will be similar to B2B sites. Classified sites have a different format that is much simpler.

Sunil Chaudhary
SEO Expert & Digital Marketer

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