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Our Philosophy

JustBaazaar believes in giving. We give more than we take from our clients. JustBaazaar grows your business for a minimal amount.

JustBaazaar is A Leading Yellow Pages Business Directory. We provide service worldwide at very competitive prices. We are a Leading SEO Agency. JustBaazaar Also Provides Digital marketing at very affordable prices. 

Our Digital Marketing Prices are Just 2 times less than the average prices in the Digital Marketing Industry.


Money-Back Guarantee

JustBaazaar is the only Yellow Pages Business Directory which gives a complete money-back guarantee if we do not fulfil our promise.

JustBaazaar has Best SEO Experts working under the Guidance of SEO Guru Sunil Chaudhary.

Best Platform to Promote Your Business Online

As you must have understood by now I am also asserting that JustBaazaar is the Best Platform to promote your business online. Our Business Clients get more exposure in Search Engines Like Google, Bing, etc than others.

JustBaazaar was Founded/Started in January 2016 From Aligarh by Sunil Chaudhary with the vision of Providing Best SEO and Business Directory Services at the lowest possible prices. We have answers to your all questions related to Online Business Promotion.

About JustBaazaar Team CEO Director Admin Details Know Us What we do Aim Goal Vision Philosophy Target Strategy 

Content Marketing

We are leaders in Content Marketing. Content Marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics available in the market. Try our Best-in-class free Content Writing Services.

Our Target/Vision

JustBaazaar wants to help all business owners who want to have a stronghold in the market through SEO and Digital Marketing.

You can write to us at [email protected], or WhatsApp at 7457001220 for more information.

Our Skills & Expertise

JB team is fortified with efficient SEO Experts Like Sunil Chaudhary. There are a few wonderful Digital Marketers. And, a dedicated team of website Developers.

Wait, how did we not mention the amazing band of Graphics Designers who really create attractive and mesmerizing creatives for your Social Media Platforms like Instagram and Twitter?

Online Business Promotion 97% Website Development 92% Digital Marketing 97% 

Archana Chaudhary


A Great Support to the whole JustBaazaar team, Takes care of the business listings in the best way.

Sunil Chaudhary

Founder & Project Manager

One of the best SEO Experts in the world, Content Writer, Loves Efficiency, helps you grow your business, Trainer, Product Manager, Team Development, etc.

Everything you need to promote your business online.

Address: Netaji House, Shivshakti Enclave, Khereshwar, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh – 202001

Phone Number – 7457001220

Email id – [email protected]

Website – https://www.justbaazaar.com

Inception – 2016

Founder – Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji, India’s Leading Digital Success Coach and Life Success Coach

Frequently Asked Questions About JustBaazaar:

  1. What is the Phone Number of JustBaazaar?
    The Phone number of JustBaazaar is 7457001220. You can get support by sending them WhatsApp
  2. What is the email ID of JustBaazaar?
    The email ID of JustBaazaar is [email protected]
  3. Who is the Founder of JustBaazaar?
    Mr. Sunil Chaudhary Founded JustBaazaar in 2016. Now, he is CEO and Founder of JustBaazaar.
  4. Who is the Director of JustBaazaar?
    Archana Chaudhary is the Director of JustBaazaar.
  5. Is JustBaazaar an MNC?
    JustBaazaar does not have offices in multiple countries, However, JustBaazaar provides SEO and Digital Marketing services to clients in more than 50 countries. JustBaazaar has served more than 11000 businesses so far.