Power of Skipping and Skimming in Groups & IELTS Reading Test

Hi, if you are part of any telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook group, you can resonate with the below message. Power of Skipping and Skimming

Power of Skipping and Skimming in Groups & IELTS Reading Test

Power of Skipping and Skimming in Groups & IELTS Reading Test
Reading Skills By Suniltams Guruji

Hi, this group is also explaining to us many more things we do not realize.

We are naturally learning to carefully skim and skip nimbly the specific content as per our unique needs.

We are becoming efficient in terms of looking at what is useful for us, and what we can skip for the moment.

Similar Skills are typically required with the email inbox.

When we support multiple clients and limited manpower, it is strictly necessary to prioritize the work.

So, a lot to absorb every day. People who are interacting here are a kind of encouragement to everyone in the group.

I am sure other people are also waiting to be triggered. There is no harm in remain an introvert or extrovert.

Still, the creative people who help here selflessly and subtly make the private group alive, are awesome. We can always tolerate something unfavorable from them if more potential benefits are there. I mean, if we obtain lots of knowledge from a person, we should be prepared to get the scoldings and some tight lessons.

As DD resolved the most substantial thing in the starting video, assignment one video, success mindset, we need to focus on positive things and always be grateful for the blessings, help, awards, and rewards we have. And then keep trying for the best.

There are some exclusive videos like “The Secret” on youtube which I frequently watch to carefully keep my entrepreneurial mindset positive and appreciative towards everything.

On this spot, I am progressed with today’s writing goal, at least half of it. Thanks to @deepaksalem25 that I am writing like this

Skipping and Skimming are also quite useful for IELTS aspirants.

Reading Section in IELTS is considered the toughest. However, when we have skills like Skipping, Skimming, reading fast, focus on key points, we are able to perform well.

Also, we need to be focused on one thing at that moment.

There is a book The One Thing which teaches us to focus on one thing only. So, when we are working on the reading section, we should give our 100% to reading only.

Do not expect to understand everything

Understand the question and look for the keywords related to that. Find the Answer and leave it.

Practice Your Reading Skills, not your IELTS Skills.

When you have IELTS in mind while preparing, you may not perform well in your IELTS Exam. However, when you work on your reading skills, you naturally start excelling in the reading section of IELTS. So, you need to improve your reading skills naturally.

Read the Instructions Carefully

when you are attempting the IELTS Reading section, there is no scope of wasting even a single minute. So, it is very critical to read the instructions twice and understand them completely. This way you can find the answers faster and accurately. Many candidates do not read the instructions carefully and end up doing everything wrong due to their overconfidence. So, be aware of this point.

Don’t Panic

Never ever panic in life leave alone the IELTS reading section. When you are in a state of panic, you cannot do anything right. So, always keep calm. this works in the IELTS Reading section as well.

Vocabulary Test

The reading section of IELTS is just a Vocabulary test. So, it is wise and important to build your vocabulary over time. You can read different books, different newspapers, online articles, vocabulary courses, thesaurus, etc to improve this part of IELTS.

Strong vocabulary

does not only help you perform well in IELTS but also in real life. You can use that vocabulary in your Blog and in your presentations as well.

Timing is Crucial

Well, when we specially talk about IELTS, timing is really crucial, You can waste a single minute unnecessary pondering. There is no time for musings. Just get the instructions, find the answers and that’s it. We have limited time there. Also, if you apply this attitude in your real-life as well, you will be far more successful than you are right now.

Ignore Already You Know Anything About the Topic

High critical point. If you use your common sense and existing knowledge while attempting the IELTS Reading section, you may perform really badly. So, stick to the content given in the rest and answer as per the content only. No way you can use your common sense or existing knowledge.

As per your knowledge, the earth may be oval or round. However, as per the article in the IELTS reading section, the earth may have a cubical size. isn’t it funny? Yes, but that is the reality of the IELTS Reading Test.

Practice Slow and Fast

When you are preparing for your IELTS test. You need to ensure you are preparing in a slow as well as fast manner. it will help you understand the IELTS reading section more and more. Also, keep an eye on the time you are taking to complete the Reading section.

I wanted to write this content for the people who were not able to cope up with the numerous messages in the online groups. Then I thought of relating with our daily life and business management skills. I ended up giving a really useful lesson on IELTS Reading Test.  This is what happens when you acquire some strong knowledge about any topic.

You become an expert over time. Do not expect this to happen instantly. But when you have lots of knowledge and a great experience, at that point in time, many things can happen instantly. You would find that things are happening instantly. But, believe me, things happen instantly because you already have lots of knowledge and experience.

So, keep moving ahead, keep learning, keep teaching, keep practicing. That is the key to success. Success is not permanent.

Warm Regards
Suniltams Guruji

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