Hi Dear Business Owner, I am sure if you are looking for an Integrated Digital Marketing Expert, you want to grow your business, want to get more customers, want to have systems to nurture leads, want to have systems to create excellent customer service experience even after the sales. Believe me, you are at the right place. You can search on Google that I am the No. 1 Business Ranking Expert.

I am as excited to serve your business as you are. 

I have been working for businesses, helping them grow with the help of SEO, Integrated Digital Marketing, Business Automation, Lead Nurturing, CRM Solutions, Organic Growth, and Top Business Ranking on search engines like Google. 

Overall, my clients are able to get more than other businesses in their category. 

Integrated Digital Marketing Expert in the world

It is because I understand their business and expectations completely. Then I discuss the budget. After that, we talk about the strategies to reach out to more and more customers. 

Once, we have more customers, we understand how to make their experience awesome. I strongly believe in after-sales customer experience. It leads to the word of mouth marketing. 

What all is included in Integrated Digital Marketing:

  1. Blogs
  2. Videos
  3. Social Media
  4. SEO 
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Info marketing
  7. Paid Ads

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best source of Marketing. 

There is one very important thing. I need you to get involved with me while I am trying to develop the best possible Integrated Digital Marketing strategies for your business. 

I need your involvement because I believe that you are the best marketing person for your company. Unless I have your vision, thinking, and expectations, with me, I will not be as efficient as I should be. if you are thinking to outsource everything to my integrated digital Marketing agency and not having any involvement, I request you hire any other digital marketing agency. 

I work in sync with your vision and targets. 

I try to understand your complete business model. We together study economics around us. We also try to survey and gather our prospective customer’s expectations. 

When we have all this data, we can come up with the best possible Integrated Digital Marketing strategies. 

Integrated Digital Marketing Expert

Now, you must be wondering why I am using the Integrated Digital Marketing term again and again here. Dear Business owner, believe me, I do not work half-heartedly for your business in bits and pieces. 

If you are really sincere about growing your business to the next level, I will do the best possible by utilizing all the possible platforms so that Complete Digital Marketing is integrated and complement each other. 

Email Marketing

Your prospective, new, and existing customers should get emails regularly so that they are in know about your offers and services. with this, they feel connected, happy, and satisfied. 

I will not hesitate in utilizing the best possible email marketing tools. 

There is no compromise between quality and efficiency. 

Integrated Digital Marketing Expert Sunil Chaudhary

WhatsApp Outreach and Lead Nurturing

The next best and the biggest thing I do as the best Integrated Digital Marketing Expert is utilised the most used platform which is WhatsApp.

As you know that a huge population used WhatsApp. I believe we include WhatsApp in our marketing strategy, we will be able to get more customers, more business, and generate more revenue.

I use WhatsApp to acquire new customers, nurture the leads, update about the products, birthday greetings, invoice updates, etc

I have the most advanced tools in terms of marketing and lead nurturing. 


This is my main strength. If you want to get more from the market for less money in the long run. SEO is your resort. I am one of the Best SEO experts. I am the No. 1 Business Ranking Expert. You can google Business Ranking Expert in Google and check yourself.

If I can rank my business and my work on top of Search Engines, I can rank your business as well. Moreover, I have been able to rank more than 4500 keywords on Google and Bing.

I am the best or I would say the only SEO Expert for Local Business Promotion. Dear Business owner, I am not only praising myself here, I am mentioning all this here so that you can understand what all I can give to your business. I am here to add lots of value to your marketing and help you get more from the market.

If you are passionate to grow your business, I am here to do all the possibilities in terms of Integrated Digital Marketing.

You can see that I am the only Integrated Digital Marketing Expert around.

Most digital Marketers use one or two platforms. Those platforms also work separately. 

However, My way of working is different. I work in such a way that all marketing platforms complement each and we are able to get more for less from our campaigns.

Facebook and Google Ads (Integrated Digital Marketing Expert)

These ads are required to get immediate business. In long run, we utilize SEO, however, for immediate results and excitement, I prefer paid ads on Facebook, Google, Linkedin, etc.

With these ads, you get a Direct Response. this is also called Direct Response Marketing. Then as mentioned above, we can nurture these leads with our integrated Email marketing and WhatsApp marketing. 

Generally, you have to spend a lot just to hire a digital marketer. But believe me, an able digital marketer will never be for you. He/She will always prefer to work as a freelancer as I am working. 

But, no worries, the tools, and strategies that I develop for you to get more business are far more efficient and cheaper than hiring an expert who will not be an expert in real means.

So, for you, it is better to go with me than hire digital marketing who would most possibly be a novice.

Integrated Digital Marketing Expert for Business Growth

Business Flow and Workflow Automation – Smart Tools (Top Digital Marketing Expert)

These are the smart and challenging times. If you are not smart enough and your systems are not integrated, you will surely fail or lag behind.

So, considering this fact, I give you all the possible Workflow automation tools to increase the efficiency of your organization. 

You can manage more manpower with great ease and efficiency.

I have proven systems to make your life uber-cool in terms of managing your entire business. 

Whether it is reporting, leave management, HR management, etc. I will give you all the possible and the best tools.

 That is all in this post.

If you are looking for a Full-Fledged integrated Digital Marketing Agency/Expert for your business, I am here to help you.

Know more about me at www.suniltams.com. Also, visit my online school, https://www.careerbuildingschool.com

Warm Regards
Sunil Chaudhary