Which one is better, traditional marketing or digital marketing?

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By Archana Chaudhary

Which one is better, traditional marketing or digital marketing? While marketing through digital medium looks to be growing faster than ever, it is important to know its foundation.

Traditional marketing has been existing since ages; many believe ancient Egyptians used to sell their products through Papyrus.

Since then it has been through many alterations, the current version includes marketing through Newspaper, Magazines, Billboards, commercials and radios.

Since the advent of digital marketing, many companies and brands did not think twice from making that jump from traditional to top digital marketing agency in India,. This form of marketing offers features which are required to build up your brand in today’s market. Hence, it is a no brainer that this is the better form of marketing right now.

Let us see some of the features of digital marketing which makes it better than traditional:


Who won’t prefer to cut some money in marketing to use somewhere else? Digital marketing allows you to target people who need your products. By setting an age limit and hobbies makes sure your campaign only reaches people who need it. Hence, you achieve maximum productivity with less money.

Two – Way Communication

Customers trust a brand which interacts with them. Digital marketing tools make this interaction between brands and consumers quick.

Campaign Analysis

Unlike traditional marketing, you can analyse your campaign and know how many people liked it and engaged with it or what was missing in it and what did people expect. This makes it easy to plan your next campaign.

Hence, it is no brainer that currently, digital marketing is better traditional ways.

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