What is a Yurt?

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What is a Yurt? Yurt Tent | Mongolian Yurt | Yurt Homes | JustBaazaar

After watching Drillis Ertugrul, Viewers have become curious about their homes. These tent-type temporary homes are quite classical and look artistic as well. After searching on the internet, I got to know it is called YURT. So, what is a Yurt?

What is a Yurt?

What is a Yurt? Yurt Tent | Mongolian Yurt | Yurt Homes | JustBaazaar

Yurt is a tent-type home. It is built of wood. it is circular in shape and has a dome-type structure as a covering.

As the series Dirilis Ertugrul moves ahead, we got to know that these yurts are easy to dismantle and set up again. Normally, one yurt setup takes approximately 2 to 5 hours. Setting up totally depends on how complex the yurt is.

Some Yurts have open space at the top of the dome which works as a good ventilator. We got to know that Bamsi tells Turgut that he likes to spend his nights in Yurt because of the fresh feeling he gets in that. Opposing to that, he feels suffocated in the caste or modern buildings of the 13th century.

Do you also agree that living in YURT is much more fun than in a contemporary house?

Nowadays, yurts are mostly used for touring and camping purposes.

We can see that the Yurt of the head of the Nomad Group is elevated than other Yurts of the group. You can see that in the Netflix Series Dirilis Ertugrul.

Most Turks used to have these Yurt homes. As their Nomad Groups were not stable and were moving from one place to another. So, they were using these portable shelter homes.

Yurt Photos HERE

Origination of Yurt

As per the belief, thousands of years ago, Yurts originated in the steppes of central Asia. For Nomad people, these were the main dwellings.

Do Yurts have Toilets?

As far as traditional and original YURTS are concerned, there were/are no toilets. However, the yurts which are set up to accommodate tourists have toilets in them. So, these modern yurts are having modern touch and technologies. You know everything evolves over a period of time.

What is the Cost of a Yurt?

As far as the Yurt cost is concerned, nomad groups can create them by themselves by spending nothing as they procure everything from nature. However, if you have to buy things and manpower to get the work done, a yurt may cost $2000 to $5000.

Yurts allow sunlight and moonlight as they have open space at the top of the Dome.

Yurts are known to last for more than 10 years. However, if you keep repairing them regularly, I do not think they will ever be gone.

If you believe in debt-free living, you can consider Yurt your permanent home. However, these days, they are only used for fun, camp, and tourist purposes.

Are Yurts Hot?

As far as climate inside a YURT is concerned, In winters, they are hot and in summers, they are cold. It totally depends on the material one uses to cover the Yurt.

Yurts are generally covered with the layers of the FELT. So, they naturally become hotter and waterproof as well.

Make Money with YURTs

You may be surprised with this heading. However, I mean it. If you are into the tourism mindset, you can build YURTs and welcome people who love to camp. There are many other things to consider before you finally decide to make money from YURT Tourism.

Yurts are known to thrive in severe weather conditions. They can even hold lots of snowfall. Again, it depends on the material used in the Yurt.

Moden Yurts can have anything let alone electricity be.

What is inside A Yurt?

Inside of the Yurt has the skeleton of the yurt with crisscrossed walls of the wood. These walls are generally latticed walls.

Nowadays as the technologies have evolved a lot than Ertugrul times, Yurt can have anything from floors to modular kitchens. You can have anything. All this depends on your imagination and the engineering available around. Also, depends on your pocket.

 Small Representation of Yurts on Youtube

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