How to Identify Top Free High DA PA PDF Submission Sites List 2022?

Are you searching Top Free High DA PA PDF Submission Sites List to build high-quality backlinks to your web pages in 2022? Yes. You are in the right source. I have listed out the PDF Submission Sites List.

PDF Submission is one of the popular off-page optimization techniques that help to acquire quality backlinks to your website.

PDF submission sites allow users to read, share, download, and bookmark PDF files on the web page.

I am happy to say you can learn what is PDF submission process? is and how PDF submission helps to improve your website’s search ranking on various search engines.

SEO folks and Digital marketers use PDF Submission Sites to increase the inbound link quantity of their website. If backlink quantity increases, their website domain authority and page authority will improve damn sure.

Suppose you are an SEO folk or digital marketing intern. In that case, we recommend you read our popular articles on on-page SEO and off-page SEO that help you know everything about search engine optimization.

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Top Free High DA PA PDF Submission Sites List

What is a PDF File?

The PDF file is also known as a Portable Document Format. It is a readable file introduced by Adobe Software Company in 1990, and it contains the document in text, images, infographics, and hyperlinks format.

What is PDF Submission in SEO?

PDF submission in SEO is a way of posting your Portable Document Format files on various PDF submission websites or directories to get backlinks to your websites.

When you are submitting PDF files on PDF submission sites, you may get a chance to earn quality inbound links to our website. Those links will increase your website DA PA and Page Rank.

From the SEO and Digital Marketing point of view, PDF submission is part of off-page optimization practice, and it is the most affordable way to create high authority backlinks.

Is PDF Submission Helpful in SEO?

Of course. PDF submission helps to get backlinks in SEO. If you get incoming links from this process, then it can help you to increase your backlink graph gradually.

Most of the author says it’s one of the ancient ways to create quality backlinks by submitting your Portable Document Format files on PDF directories.

How to Perform PDF Submission Process?

To post your pdf file on the PDF submission site, you must identify High Free DA PA PDF submission sites on search engines.

To get quality inbound links from PDF submission sites, you must include your target web page URL in PDF files and submit them to PDF submission directories to get better search results from PDF submission.

When you include your target URL in a pdf file, there is a chance for the user to click the link and visit your webpage. If it happens, then automatically, your website traffic will increase.

Benefits of PDF submission

  • It helps to improve your website audience engagement and traffic.
  • It is the best way to increase the backlink graph.
  • It improves your website’s DA, PA, and PR.

Great Tips for PDF Submission

  • Always your PDF file should be a readable text file. Hence, all the search engines and humans can skim it.
  • The title of your PDF document should be as exciting and catchable. So it leads to induce people’s mindset to click.
  • If you use images and infographics, you should use alt text. Otherwise, the search engines may fail to understand it.
  • Provide proper tags for your PDF document while you are submitting it because it creates a chance to increase visibility.

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Free Top 10 PDF Submission Sites

The following free PDF submission web pages have high DA and PA. So when you get quality backlinks from these sites, it helps to improve your website rank quickly.


What is the Top Free high DA PA PDF Submission Sites List 2022?

Now, I will list the top free PDF submission sites here. If you are using those sites properly, then you can improve your SEO score, organic search ranking, and domain authority.

Top 20+ High DA PA PR Dofollow PDF Submission Sites List 2022

S.No. High-Quality PDF Submission Sites List DA PA

1 94 82

2 93 77

2 92 70

3 92 67

4 92 63

5 90 66

6 89 73

7 89 69

8 84 70

9 84 54

10 82 60

11 80 68

12 78 69

13 62 55

14 62 34

15 61 49

16 60 51

17 58 61

18 58 60

19 53 52

20 50 48

21 42 44

22 28 36

List of High DA PA PR Dofollow PDF PPT DOC Submission Sites

S.No. PDF / PPT / DOC Submission Websites DA PA

1 95 85

2 95 79

3 95 79

4 93 73

5 93 70

6 91 62

7 86 70

8 86 65

9 85 73

10 84 61

11 82 64

12 80 58

13 79 61

14 (Ended) 76 58

15 75 42

16 61 58

17 56 56

18 51 55

19 48 51

20 46 49

21 45 52

22 40 49

23 39 46

24 37 52

25 19 31


I hope this article, “Top Free High DA PA PDF Submission Sites List,” will be helped you to find suitable PDF submission sites, how to submit your PDF document, and how to earn backlinks from that website.

If you want to learn more interesting facts and information about SEO, then we recommend you to read our posts about on-page SEO techniques and off-page SEO techniques.

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