Opposition Criticizes PM Modi for Seated Gesture During Bharat Ratna Ceremony; Experts Defend as Protocol Adherence

Opposition leaders have launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of showing disrespect towards President Droupadi Murmu during the Bharat Ratna ceremony honoring veteran BJP leader L.K. Advani. However, experts are asserting that PM Modi’s seated posture was in line with the protocol observed at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Opposition Criticizes PM Modi for Seated Gesture During Bharat Ratna Ceremony; Experts Defend as Protocol Adherence

Allegations of Disrespect: On March 31, amid the prestigious Bharat Ratna ceremony, the Opposition, particularly the Congress, seized the opportunity to lambast PM Modi for what they deemed as a blatant act of disrespect towards President Murmu. The Congress party, in a statement, accused PM Modi of deliberately choosing to remain seated while President Murmu was conferring the prestigious award on L.K. Advani. They further claimed that this action is indicative of the BJP’s anti-women and anti-Dalit stance.

Pattern of Alleged Disregard: The Congress highlighted what they perceive as a pattern of disrespect towards President Murmu by PM Modi and the BJP. They referenced previous instances, such as the President’s absence during the inauguration of the new Parliament and her non-invitation to the Pran Pratistha program of the Ram Temple, as further evidence of this alleged disregard.

Expert Defense: Contrary to the accusations levied by the Opposition, experts familiar with the protocols of Rashtrapati Bhavan have come forward to defend PM Modi’s actions. They argue that the seating arrangement during such ceremonies follows a strict protocol, wherein the Prime Minister is expected to remain seated while the President conducts the proceedings. According to these experts, PM Modi was merely adhering to established norms and customs, and his posture should not be misconstrued as a sign of disrespect towards the President.

Historical Context: The tension between the ruling party and the Opposition regarding protocol and ceremonial etiquette is not unprecedented. Throughout history, political adversaries have often scrutinized each other’s conduct during official functions, sometimes leading to heated debates and controversies.

Conclusion: The Bharat Ratna ceremony honoring L.K. Advani has stirred up both political and public discourse, with the Opposition accusing PM Modi of disrespecting President Murmu through his seated gesture. While these allegations have sparked controversy, experts assert that PM Modi’s actions were in line with established protocol. This incident underscores the ongoing tensions between the ruling party and the Opposition, highlighting the need for mutual respect and adherence to ceremonial customs in the political arena

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