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Dr Satendra Saxena Best Neurologist in Mathura

Dr Satendra Saxena Best Neurologist in Mathura
Dr Satendra Saxena

Name: Dr Satendra Saxena
Address: Bhagyatara Brain Centre (Brain Specialist), Ramghat Road, Near K.K Hospital, Saraswati Vihar, Phase 1, ADA Colony, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone number: 9837042235
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Dr Satendra Saxena Best Neurologist in Mathura

Dr. Satendra Saxena is an accomplished Neurologist and Neurosurgeon who is empanelled as consultant in the department of neurology at Bhagya-Tara Brain Centre. His Personal clinic is Dr. Satendra Saxena. He has almost 3 decades of experience in treating conditions like epilepsy, headache, dementia, stroke and other Nerve and Muscle problems. His areas of expertise are clinical neurology, headache, epilepsy, stroke and its management. From years of clinical experience, Dr. Satendra Saxena has gained rich exposure in treating even the most complicated situations related to Neurology.

He is a respected member of Association of Neurologists of India. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Stroke Rehab, EMG, Neuromuscular Disorders, STROKE and Nerve and Muscle Disorders etc.

Dr. Satendra Saxena provides the best possible consultation and makes his patients relax. He is one of the most recommended Neurologists in India. He first completely empathizes with the patient and tries to understand the complete concern.

Dr. Satendra Saxena does not hesitate in explaining the problem to his patients in a very relaxed manner. Therefore, these patients understand him and follow his prescription religiously. These are a few qualities that make him the best Neurologist in Mathura.

As a Neurologist, Dr. Satendra Saxena always monitors the complete situation of the patient and medication. Most of his patients have observed a good rate of improvement after following regular medication. Dr. Satendra Saxena is well experienced and qualified Neurologist in Mathura.

Dr. Satendra Saxena is quite polite with his patients and he is known to be soft-spoken. These qualities and skills are generally sought in doctors. And, Dr. Satendra seems to possess all the good qualities of a good doctor. As he is friendly and easy-going, it is a big support to patients.

On the basis of our experience, we highly recommend Dr. Satendra Saxena from Aligarh for any types of Neurological Problems.

Dr. Satendra Saxena, America and France trained Neurologist and Neurosurgeon in Mathura does not prescribe unnecessary costly tests and scans unless he finds them totally necessary. He has treated thousands of patients of headaches with his medication only.

Dr. Satendra Saxena is not only one of the best Neurologists in Mathura but also a fine human being. He does not only treat well but also reduces the tension of his patients. He spends sufficient time during his consultation sessions. He is one of the most recommended neuro physicians in Mathura.

Dr. Satendra Saxena has attended numerous seminars worldwide on Neurology and hence keeps himself updated with the latest happenings in the world of Neurology. He has also appeared in a huge number of TV interviews and Radio Shows. He also writes of many leading newspapers for the Neurology column. He likes to share vital tips to maintain good neuro health without spending much.

Dr. Satendra Saxena is MBBS, DMRD, MS and has done his Neuro-Surgery training as Registrar Neuro-Surgery from J .N. Medical College. AMU, Aligarh. Dr. Satendra Saxena has also done his training in neuro-sciences, specially Neuro-Trauma (Head-injury management) from Barrow Neurological Institute, USA, and has done his Epilepsy Training from Hospital Henri GastautFRANCE under the able guidance of the Past president french league against epilepsy(Prof. Pierre Genton). He is the specialist doctor for Headache, Migraine, Paralysis, Head Injury, Neurosurgery, Neurology, etc.

Besides this Dr. Satendra Saxena has visited 15 to 20 countries attending international neurological workshops, CMEs, and conferences for delivering lectures, chairing sessions, and also for seeking knowledge of the latest model of treatment of various neurological diseases and disorders. Dr. Satendra Saxena is treating these Diseases for the last 30 years. He is also running a health awareness program for the general public in form of organizing conferences, articles in newspapers, and talks on various National Televisions. Dr. Satendra Saxena is also known for his humble nature and his way of approach towards diagnosing and treating various diseases.

Dr Satendra Saxena at Bhagya Tara Brain Centre, Aligarh is one of the oldest and most trusted medical professionals for neurology, epilepsy, brain diseases like headache and Mirgi etc, paralysis, etc. Consult him for proper relief from these diseases. if you have used his services, kindly leave your ratings and reviews below.

Dr. Satendra Saxena at Bhagya Tara Brain Centre, Aligarh treats patients in Aligarh with the below-mentioned diseases:

  • Brain Specialist – Neurologist & Neurosurgeon
  • Brain Diseases/ दिमागी बिमारियां
  • Headache/Migraine/सिर दर्द
  • Epilepsy/Fits/दौरे.
  • Head Injury/सिर की चोट
  • Paralysis/फालिज

Dr Satendra Saxena has vast experience in Neurology and Neurosurgery. He has been treating patients for these diseases for almost 3 decades in the northern part of India and is an internationally renowned figure. So, if you are in Aligarh or nearby districts, you must consult him in case you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned diseases.

Dr Satendra Saxena is MBBS and MS in General Surgery, a registrar in neurosurgery, j n medical college, AMU, Aligarh and has done special training in treating brain diseases from America and France. He has more than 3 decades of experience. So, you are in good hands when you consult him.

His goal is to offer his patients, and all the community the most affordable, trustworthy, and professional service to ensure the best health.

The clinic of Dr. Satendra Saxena with the name of Bhagya Tara Brain Centre can easily be located near KK Hospital, Kishanpur Tiraha, Ramghat Road, Aligarh. if you still face any difficulty in reaching his clinic, just click the maps below.

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