Exploring the Elegance: Different Types of Garara Sets for Muslim Brides at Colours of Saree Suhag

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High Quality Garara Sets For Muslim Brides Buy Gharara Online

The Garara, a traditional outfit comprising a long kurta, a dupatta, and a pair of wide-legged pants, holds a special place in Muslim bridal fashion. Its origin traces back to the Mughal era, embodying the elegance and grandeur of that period. In Aligarh, the “Colours of Saree Suhag” store at Kishanpur Tiraha, Ramghat Road, offers a stunning array of Garara sets that cater to the modern Muslim bride while respecting traditional aesthetics.


The Allure of Garara Sets

Garara sets are renowned for their flared pants, intricate embroidery, and rich fabrics. These outfits are not just garments but a celebration of culture and heritage. At Colours of Saree Suhag, brides can find an array of designs that reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of today’s fashion-savvy women.

Types of Garara Sets at Colours of Saree Suhag

1. Traditional Embroidered Gararas

Traditional embroidered Gararas are a timeless choice for brides who want to embrace the rich cultural heritage. These sets feature intricate zardozi, zari, and thread work, often combined with sequins and beads. The embroidery is typically inspired by Mughal motifs and floral patterns, adding a touch of regal splendor.

High Quality Garara Sets For Muslim Brides Buy Gharara Online Colours of Saree Suhag Aligarh
High Quality Garara Sets For Muslim Brides Buy Gharara Online

Fabrics: Silk, velvet, and brocade. Colors: Deep maroons, royal blues, emerald greens, and classic reds.

2. Contemporary Gararas

For brides looking to blend tradition with modernity, contemporary Gararas offer a perfect balance. These sets maintain the traditional silhouette but incorporate modern elements like minimalistic embroidery, pastel shades, and innovative cuts.

Fabrics: Georgette, chiffon, and net. Colors: Pastels such as blush pink, mint green, and powder blue, along with metallic tones like silver and gold.

3. Sharara Gararas

Sharara Gararas are characterized by their more pronounced flare compared to traditional Gararas. These sets are perfect for brides who want to make a grand entrance. The kurta is often shorter, emphasizing the dramatic flare of the pants.

Fabrics: Organza, silk, and crepe. Colors: Bright yellows, bold oranges, and vibrant purples.

4. Designer Gararas

For the bride who wants something unique, Colours of Saree Suhag offers designer Gararas. These sets are often custom-made, featuring bespoke embroidery, unique fabric combinations, and personalized fittings.

Fabrics: A mix of luxurious fabrics tailored to the bride’s preference. Colors: Customizable to suit individual tastes.

5. Anarkali Garara Sets

Combining the elegance of the Anarkali with the traditional Garara, these sets feature a long, flowy kurta that pairs beautifully with the wide-legged pants. This style is perfect for brides who want to achieve a regal look.

Fabrics: Velvet, silk, and net. Colors: Jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green.

6. Jacket Style Gararas

Adding a contemporary twist, jacket style Gararas include a long, embellished jacket worn over the kurta. This style is perfect for winter weddings or for brides who want an extra layer of opulence.

Fabrics: Velvet, brocade, and silk. Colors: Rich shades such as burgundy, navy, and gold.


The variety of Garara sets available at Colours of Saree Suhag in Aligarh ensures that every bride can find her perfect outfit. Whether you prefer traditional elegance or modern chic, there’s a Garara set that will make your special day even more memorable. Visit Colours of Saree Suhag at Kishanpur Tiraha, Ramghat Road, Aligarh, and explore their exquisite collection to find the Garara that resonates with your bridal vision


10 Things to Check for High Quality in Garara Sets

When you’re investing in a Garara set, ensuring its quality is paramount. Here are ten essential checkpoints:

  1. Fabric: Begin by examining the fabric closely. Opt for high-quality materials like pure silk, velvet, or georgette. The fabric should feel rich, have a good drape, and be free from any defects like pulls or snags.
  2. Embroidery: Check the embroidery work meticulously. High-quality Gararas boast intricate and well-executed embroidery. Look for consistency in stitching, fine detailing, and secure attachment of embellishments.
  3. Stitching: Inspect the stitching of the garment. Quality stitching is vital for durability. Look for even, tight stitches, especially along seams and edges. Loose threads or uneven stitching can indicate poor craftsmanship.
  4. Lining: Assess the quality of the lining. A good Garara set will have a smooth and well-attached lining that enhances comfort and prevents the fabric from clinging to the body.
  5. Finishing: Pay attention to the finishing touches. Quality garments will have neatly finished edges, clean seams, and no loose threads. The hemlines should be straight and even.
  6. Color Fastness: Test the color fastness of the fabric. Dampen a small area of the fabric and rub it gently to see if any color transfers. High-quality fabrics should retain their color even after washing or dry cleaning.
  7. Fit: Try on the Garara to ensure a perfect fit. It should hug your body comfortably without feeling too tight or loose. Check the length of the kurta and pants to ensure they are flattering and proportional to your height.
  8. Comfort: Comfort is key, especially for long hours of wear during wedding festivities. Ensure the fabric is breathable and feels comfortable against your skin. The Garara should allow for ease of movement without any restrictions.
  9. Weight: Consider the weight of the garment. While heavier fabrics like silk and velvet are luxurious, they shouldn’t feel overly burdensome. Opt for a Garara set that strikes a balance between richness and comfort.
  10. Brand Reputation: Research the brand or designer behind the Garara set. Established brands with a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction are more likely to deliver a high-quality product.

By meticulously examining these aspects, you can make an informed decision and select a Garara set that not only looks exquisite but also stands the test of time in terms of quality and craftsmanship.