Kundan Jewellery in Aligarh

Kundan Jewellery has been a great favourite among Jewellery lovers. It has its own charm, looks, and feel. its light on the pocket and great about appearance and beauty. These Jewellers in Aligarh, you can get kundan jewellery aligarh.

Let’s have a look at the Best Kundan Jewellers in Aligarh who provide Kundan JewelleryKundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. The method is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is one of the older forms of jewellery made and worn in India. The word kundan means highly refined gold, and a highly refined and pure form of molten gold is used. Read Latest News on JBDailyNews.com

Kundan, also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewellery, is a popular variation, wherein enamelling with vivid colours and designs is on the reverse, while the KUNDAN setting is in the front. The city of Jaipur in Rajasthan has traditionally been the centre for Kundan jewellery in India.


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