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By Guruji Sunil Chaudhary

Hey, welcome here. This is Sunil Chaudhary, Your Freedom Lifestyle Coach. I would love to help YOU create Digital Assets for Multiple Sources of Passive income so that you enjoy Time and Money Freedom in your life.

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Sunil Chaudhary – Your Freedom Lifestyle Coach

Freedom Lifestyle Coach Sunil Chaudhary

For me, the most important thing is your Freedom Lifestyle. and, yes Freedom Lifestyle Coach brings overall success to your life.

You can ask why?

It is because Digital Platforms connect you globally. So, whatever you do becomes global and you are able to do things globally. You are able to make a global impact.

I am on a mission to Empower 10,00,000 people with the experience which I have acquired by working in a few fortune 500 companies and failed a couple of times doing big things and ultimately doing a great thing which is to help YOu and people like you.

My intention is that you do not go through the failures and challenges I went through.

It is possible when you decide to become successful and free.

When you follow the coach, there is no need to use your mind. Everything will be discussed with you and the plan will be in front of you.

So, you don’t have to do anything?

No, you need to do a lot.

You need to implement all the lessons and learnings you get. While doing the implementation, you will become stronger and stronger day by day. This is the process. But there will not be much struggle and failure as you will have a guide.

You can ask, “So there is no pain only gain?”

No, there would be the pain of learning and implementing but without the great struggles, I have had in my life reaching here where I am.

I understand how to start, why I failed, and what to avoid.

I share all strategies with you.

Not only sharing strategies, I understand your goals, your thoughts, and your ideas, and we together drive a plan to go ahead with your agreement.


Yes, your agreement is very important as I cannot force anything on you.

Your willingness makes a great difference in this game.

The point-by-point following makes an even greater difference.

How will you get started?

The only thing needed to get started is your willingness. Your willingness to transform your life into a better and free life where you are able to travel around the world without any worries of time and money.

not necessarily travel, you can do whatever you feel like. There is no obligation at all.

What is the investment in this game?

The main investment after willingness in this game is your passion. you may already have a passion to follow.

or we can discover your passion by having some long-form sessions.

I have been able to help many people like you discover their Niche (Passion).

Once you know your passion (NICHE) there is no stopping. You can keep moving ahead on your mission, the path of your mission.

I am sure you feel good reading here.

Do you?

If your answer is Yes, Register for my next webinar HERE.

The webinar is FREE.

You cant find a passionate coach like me easily?

What, is this real?

Yes, absolutely. I find myself very passionate to help you. There is no other coach who is extending this much support to the community.

I have already a community of 12300 plus leaners as of today 12 Jan 2023.

well, then you can ask if you can believe me with all my soft claims.

No need to believe just this page.

First, know I am the founder of JustBaazaar where you are reading this content. I founded JustBaazaar in 2016, TAMS Studies in 2014, NearMeStuff in 2022, and Career Building School.

Just Type Suniltams Guruji in Google search and see how prominently present I am.

Google and Search Engines Talk About me

Just click on the below links and see me in the Google Search Engine

  1. SEO Expert
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  6. Passive Income Coach
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  9. Freedom Lifestyle Coach
  10. Top Business Coach India 

All the above links will show me in the Google search engine. So, you can easily understand that I am not a newborn coach. I have 20 years of experience in coaching and consulting.

You can simply understand this fact in my FREE Webinar. just make sure you register and attend it.

What Next?

As your Freedom Lifestyle Coach, it is my duty to be with you whenever you need me. However, you need to be me if you wish to ensure success.

when you focus on one thing, success happens for sure.

The One Thing makes all difference.

what is my credibility apart from all the things mentioned above?

Whatever is mentioned above is more than enough for any action-taker.

I would still love to show you a page where you can see what my learners have to say.

HERE you can read all the testimonials I have.

People Hire Content Writers and Use AI

But I have written all this content on this page naturally all on mine and in a single sitting.

It has happened as I have a great experience and lots of passion to support you.

you can write an email to [email protected] if you have anything specific to ask.

feel free to join my FREE community HERE.

I respond to all emails and questions, that is MY USP

If you have read this content till here, I am grateful to you for your time and to God and Universe for giving me the capability to write this kind of stuff.

I will keep adding more.

Till Then Cheers
Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji
Freedom Lifestyle Coach
Freedom Lifestyle Coach Sunil Chaudhary

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