Aranmanai 4 Review: A Different Level… Simran’s Dance… Yogi Babu’s Comedy… Aranmanai 4 Public Review!


Guruji Suniltams

Directed by Sundar. C, Aranmanai 4, starring the director himself as the hero, has hit screens worldwide today. If there is one big release in Tamil today, it’s Aranmanai 4. Along with this film, other horror and thriller movies have also been released. For fans who were eagerly waiting for a blockbuster movie that didn’t come along with a blockbuster poster, Aranmanai 4 offers more opportunities.

Aranmanai 4 Review: A Different Level... Simran's Dance... Yogi Babu's Comedy... Aranmanai 4 Public Review!

Many fans who left theaters after watching the film have praised it, saying it surpasses Sundar C’s previous works, providing a mix of good comedy and horror scenes. Aranmanai 4 is receiving commendations for its production values combined with good comedy and horror sequences.

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Aranmanai 4, with its third installment already released, stands out for its production value along with good comedy and horror scenes. Fans are showering praise through reviews.

Simran’s Dance Superb: In the climax of the film, Simran performs “Thaka Thaka Thakavena” song beautifully. Following that, her portrayal in the climax scene of the film is exceptional, leaving no room for complaints among the audience.

Yogi Babu’s Comedy: The first part of Aranmanai starts with comedy and ends with horror. However, the second part lacks comic relief. Even though Vivek and Yogi Babu join for comedy in the third part, it doesn’t quite captivate the audience. Nonetheless, in this movie, Sundar C, by giving more space for comedy, makes Yogi Babu, Kovai Sarala, and Vidivi Ganesh’s comedy scenes enjoyable

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