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‘Godzilla Minus One’ Review: The Best Godzilla Film Ever!

'Godzilla Minus One' Review: The Best Godzilla Film Ever!

In the vast and storied history of kaiju cinema, the Godzilla franchise stands as a monolithic pillar, casting a shadow that spans decades. With each new iteration, fans and critics alike hold their breath, wondering if this will be the film that truly captures the essence of the King of Monsters. “Godzilla Minus One” has …

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Hit Man Review: Richard Linklater’s Crime Comedy Hits All the Right Notes

Hit Man Review: Richard Linklater's Crime Comedy Hits All the Right Notes

When you hear the name Richard Linklater, your mind might wander to the meandering philosophical dialogues of the “Before” trilogy or the sprawling coming-of-age journey in “Boyhood.” However, with his latest venture, “Hit Man,” Linklater takes a sharp turn into the realm of crime comedy, delivering a film that is as sharp in its wit …

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Aranmanai 4 Review: A Different Level… Simran’s Dance… Yogi Babu’s Comedy… Aranmanai 4 Public Review!

Aranmanai 4 Review: A Different Level... Simran's Dance... Yogi Babu's Comedy... Aranmanai 4 Public Review!

Directed by Sundar. C, Aranmanai 4, starring the director himself as the hero, has hit screens worldwide today. If there is one big release in Tamil today, it’s Aranmanai 4. Along with this film, other horror and thriller movies have also been released. For fans who were eagerly waiting for a blockbuster movie that didn’t …

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