Advantages of Learning English


Bishnu Sharma

Advantages of Learning English
Advantages of Learning English

The basic purpose of any language is to communicate your ideas. Language is just a vehicle which carries your ideas. We are living in a world which is more connected and interdependent. The English language is spoken by one-fifth of the world’s population and it is a very versatile language.

Advantages of Learning English  

Learning English provides you with many advantages like it allows you to connect with more people worldwide, more job opportunities etc.  English is also one of the official languages of India. Even it allows you to connect with people within India as there are many regional languages and English works as the common language. English is a necessary requirement for most of the high paying jobs.

Learning English is Important

Once we know the importance of learning English in our life, the next question comes how can we learn it. Learning any language requires basic steps which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. As a child in the initial years after birth learns the mother tongue from listening around, you can also learn it by observing and imitating.

How to Learn English?

So to learn English you must invest time listening to conversations in English. It can be watching English movies, news, English debates etc. Reading is the next step in learning. It improves your vocabulary and you get to learn how to frame sentences in English. You can read English novels, newspapers. It improves your thinking skills as you read about different stories. Next, you must write in the language which you want to learn. Write something every day in English. It allows you to structure your ideas.  The most important step is the final step that is to speak. You must converse in English as much as possible to make English as part of life.

Is Coaching Necessary?

Many people ask whether it is necessary to join a coaching centre to learn English. I would say if you can do the above four steps sincerely, there is no need for any coaching. The main aim of coaching is to provide you with discipline in what you are learning. There is no harm in joining coaching because it provides you with the right environment of learning but it is not necessary.

Can You Learn Online?

These days there is too much hype about learning from Youtube. Learning from Youtube is not bad but it cannot provide the learning which you will get in any coaching. Like you cannot learn swimming by only reading about it, you have to do swimming. Similarly, you cannot learn simply by listening to Youtube videos, you have to speak. Youtube cannot provide the environment which you get in any classroom.  Asking doubt online is much simpler than asking in class which gets you real learning.

Reach Your Maximum Potential

If you want to reach your maximum potential in your life, you must learn English. It is more global than any other language. Learning it is not difficult but requires sincere effort.

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