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Many students ask what is the full form of WHO. Also, this question keeps coming in many exams across the world. It is one of the most common general knowledge questions for many GK and Entrance Exams.

WHO is an organization which works under the guidance of the United Nations. The main objective of this organization is to focus on global health issues and well-being.

The Full Form of WHO is the World Health Organization.WHO Full Form

WHO has been active for more than 6 decades now. Credit to eradicate Smallpox, establishing family planning, increasing childhood immunity, maternal morbidity, eradication of poliomyelitis, and eradication of AIDS goes to WHO. These diseases and problems were holding our global society backfoot.

There are many responsibilities on WHO’s leadership and some of them are as mentioned below for your reference. This post does not aim to provide only the full of form of WHO but also to give a fair idea about the overall organization.

Primary Responsibilities of WHO.

  1. Working extensively for global health coverage
  2. Developing international regulations for health
  3. increasing access to medical products for the common man
  4. Analyzing social factors which are overall responsible for social, economic, and environmental concerns.
  5. Working for the prevention of noncommunicable diseases

What is the work/main functioning of WHO?

WHO also works for many more causes on a global level. Such as regular

  1. Campaigns for reducing poverty
  2. Fighting hunger
  3. Reducing the impact of diseases
  4. Increasing literacy
  5. Reducing environmental degradation
  6. Decreasing discrimination against fair gender
  7. Reducing child mortality
  8. improving maternal health
  9. developing global partnership for development

The Role of WHO in Public Health

The Twelfth General Programme of Work provides a high-level strategic vision for the work of WHO for the period 2014–2019. It reflects the three main components of WHO reform: programs and priorities, governance, and management.

The general program of work sets out leadership priorities that will both define the key areas in which WHO seeks to exert its influence in the world of global health and drive the way work is carried out across and between the different levels of the Secretariat.

Second, the general program of work sets the direction for more effective governance by the Member States, as well as a stronger directing and coordinating role for WHO in global health governance.

Lastly, through a clear results chain, it explains how WHO’s work will be organized over the next six years; how the work of the organization contributes to the achievement of a clearly defined set of outcomes and impacts; and the means by which WHO can be held accountable for the way resources are used to achieve specified results. The three program budgets in the period set out the details of what will be achieved during each biennium.

The 12th General Programme of Work was adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2013.

You can also download a PDF file about WHO working.

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