Top 3 Digital Marketing Coaches in India

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Top Digital Marketing Coaches in India

Welcome to this important post by JustBaazaar. It is an important post as you are trying to find the best Digital Marketing Coach in India. You want to make a career in Digital Marketing. Hence you will invest your time and money in the course you are learning or with the coach, you are joining. in this post, we will introduce the Top Digital Marketing COaches in India. You can Join Any of the Coaches to Learn World Class Digital Marketing in India

So, Let’s get started

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Top 3 Digital Marketing Coaches in India

Sunil Chaudhary – India’s Top Digital Marketing Coach

Sunil Chaudhary Top Digital Marketing Coach India

I am putting Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji in the first position as he has vast experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Writing, Teaching and Mentoring with Realtime Hands on Experience.

He is the founder of JustBaazaar and Career Building School. Whatever he does at JustBaazaar for his clients teaches the same at Career Building School to his Students.

So, he is constantly learning as well as teaching the same thing. His students get the fastest support and the latest knowledge of Digital Tools and Best Digital Marketing practices.

Reasons to Join Sunil Chaudhary as Your Digital Marketing Coach In India:

  1. Has Great Experience
  2. Passionate to Help
  3. Provides the Fastest Support to Learners
  4. Has a great knowledge of Digital Marketing
  5. Social Media Mastery
  6. Blog Mastery
  7. Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  8. Teaches Passive Income Mastery
  9. Business Automation
  10. Digital Coaching Business
  11. Recorded Sessions
  12. Live Classes
  13. Membership
  14. Best SEO Coach in India
  15. India’s Leading Digital Coach
  16. Community Membership
  17. Best SEO Expert in India

Reasons Not to Join Sunil Chaudhary:

  1. Fees on Higher Side
  2. He does not mind scolding as He is very passionate about your growth
  3. Forces to Learn and Implement Fast – That is Good and Bad Both, Depends on you how you take it

Sorav Jain – Founder of Digital Scholar

Sorav Jain - Digital Scholar

Sorav Jain and his brother are very active as Digital Marketing coaches. They have achieved a lot and trained a great number of learners. They are basically popular for the Reels Mastery Course and Instagram Influencer Mastery Course. You can see Sorav Jain is quite popular on Instagram

Reasons to Choose Sorav Jain as Your Digital Marketing Coach in India

  1. Detailed Digital Marketing Courses
  2. Complete Support
  3. Great Interaction with other learners
  4. Sorav has a great knowledge of Digital Marketing
  5. Recorded as well as live classes
  6. Blogging
  7. Creative Tools
  8. Paid Ads Mastery
  9. Lifetime Membership Programs

Reasons Not to Join Sorav Jain

  1. Fee On Higher Side
  2. Most of the time his mentors are teaching not he, himself, it is disappointing for learners

Deepak Kanakaraju – Digital Deepak, CEO LearnToday.com

Deepak Kanakaraju - Digital Deepak Learn Today CEO Founder

Deepak Kanakaraju is famous as DD and Digital Deepak. He has made a great name in the Digital Marketing Coaching Sector in India.

He started with Auto Blog and became a Great Name due Digital Deepak Internship Program. He uses Deep Marketing through his customized Email Marketing.

He has a recorded course and live sessions. He also has a team like Sorav Jain. His DDIP program got famous due to a great Refund scheme. He sometimes pays more than he charges his students. However, that scheme is no more available due to the rules of the Indian Government.

Reasons to Join Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak as your Digital Marketing Coach

  1. Great knowledge of Digital Marketing
  2. Cool and Calm Behaviour
  3. Successful due to his DDIP Program
  4. Covers all aspects of Digital Career
  5. Deep Marketing Concept by DD is awesome

Reasons not to Join Deepak Kanakaraju

  1. He does not have much time for his learners, most of the time his team members are taking sessions, it is disappointing
  2. The support system is very slow
  3. Does not have live sessions
  4. Charges More Provides Less Value – Not Applicable to DDIP Program

Who is the best Digital Marketing Coach in India?

This post is written by me and is affected by my own experience with these Digital Marketing Coaches in India. Once I have experience with other coaches, I will add them here.

I would say, All Coaches are awesome. As a learner, you can choose any of these as per your understanding and surrender yourself to the coach and start following. You will see great success for yourself.

I have learnt a lot from most of the Digital Marketing Coaches in India.

Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji
India’s Leading Digital Coach
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