The Longest River in India


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Hi, Welcome to the post where are going to discuss the longest river in India. We will also discuss the facts and other important things related to the longest river in India.

The Ganga/Ganges Longest River in india
The Ganga/Ganges Longest River in India

The Longest River in Bharat

It seems to be a question asked in schools basically in primary standards. However, there is no harm in knowing more about it. We are sure there are people who do not yet know which river is the longest in India.

Generally, when we talk about a river in India, The Ganga is the first name that comes to our minds. And, yes The Ganga is the Longest River in the country.

As far as the second-longest river in India is concerned, there seems to be a tough competition between  Indus and Brahmaputra. Both rivers are 2900 km long.

Third Position belongs to The River Godavari with its length of 1450 Km.

The fourth position is again shared between Narmada and Krishna. There are both 1290 km long.

Mahanadi comes at the 5th position with 890 km of length.

Our country India (Bharat/Hindustan) has many rivers. 

In this sequence, Kaveri is in 6th place with a length of 760 km. 

So, this is all about the length of the Main Rivers of India.

How many rivers are there in India with a length of 700 or more km?

There are 8 rivers as mentioned above with a length of 700 or more km.

Which is India’s longest river?

The Ganga is the longest river in India.

Where is The Ganga river located?

The River Ganges emerges in the western Himalayas and flows down across northern India into Bangladesh, where it empties into the Bay of Bengal. Nearly 80% of the Ganges river basin is in India, the rest is in Nepal, China and Bangladesh.

Which states flows the river Ganga?

The current focus of the world bank funded National Ganga River Basin Projects (NGRBP) of NMCG is on five major states on the main stem of river Ganga namely Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal.

Why is Ganga holy?

Popular beliefs around the river − It is a popular tradition that bathing in the holy water of River Ganga can purify the person of all the sins and give a new sanctity to life. The river water of Ganga– Gangajaal is equated to nectar in Indian traditions due to its purity and sanctity.

Is there any dam on the Ganga river?

There are two major dams on the Ganga. … The other dam is a serious hydroelectric affair at Farakka, close to the point where the main flow of the river enters Bangladesh, and the tributary Hooghly (also known as Bhagirathi) continues in West Bengal past Calcutta.

Who named the Ganga river?

Gaumukh is about 18 km from the town of Gangotri and regarded as the birthplace of Ganga on earth. At Gangotri, there is a Ganga temple which is famous as Chota Char Dham temple in Garwhal. The name of Bhagirathi is named after the ancient king Bhagirath, who performed penance to bring her down from the heavens.

Which river is called Dakshin Ganga?

the Godavari – In terms of length, catchment area and discharge, the Godavari is the largest in peninsular India, and had been dubbed as the Dakshina Ganga (the Ganges of the South).

Which is the national river of India?

The Ganga or Ganges is the longest river of India flowing over 2,510 km of mountains, valleys and plains.
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