Popular Food of The Marshall Islands

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By Guruji Sunil Chaudhary

Popular Food of The Marshall

Mostly, The food in The Marshall islands is Pacific. Lots of People eat fresh fish, Coconuts, pandan leaves, and bananas.
Apart from all these things, people of the Marshall islands eat Macadamia nuts. They make a pie dish from this nut.
The people of these islands also regularly eat cabbage, potatoes, and canned meat.
This canned meat is also called Spam and Corned Beef.

The Most Important plant for food in the Marshall islands is coconut.

If we talk about the beverages, most of the international beverages are available in the islands. For Example, Juices, soft drinks, beers, and much more.

Agricultural Products in the Marshall islands include Coconuts, Bananas, breadfruit, lines, taro, pumpkins, and papayas.
In The Marshall Islands, Feasts are called Kemem. During Kemem, the people here like to eat fish, chicken, and pork.
Important to note – Rice is imported to The Marshall Islands.
If we talk about the popularity, breadfruit is the most popular crop in the marshall islands.

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