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Hi Dear Business Owner, I am Digital Sunil Chaudhary, CEO & Founder of JustBaazaar Business Directory. I have been ranking the businesses on the top of the first page of search engines since 2016. You can also call me No. 1 Local Business Ranking Expert. I am also the best SEO Expert in India in my category(Local Business Ranking).

No. 1 Business Ranking Expert – Digital Sunil Chaudhary

No. 1 Local Business Ranking Expert

So, dear friends, Let me introduce myself first of all. I am MA in English Language and MBA in information and systems. I started my career in 2006 with Omnia BPO Services, then Aegis BPO, IBM Daksh, Mercer India, and Finally Left Fidelity Investments in 2014.

I started my Coaching Institute TAMS Studies in 2014 and was promoting that like anything. I got amazing results from the strategy I implemented. As a result, I was very impressed with the kind of SEO and Digital Marketing I did for my coaching institute TAMS Studies.

Then I and my spouse decided to Start a Business Directory that will also provide SEO and Digital Marketing Services to clients who are also interested in growing their business digitally.

After giving amazing results to some of my clients in terms of ranking their business on the Google search engine, I realized that I have developed a great strategy for that matter. My clients were happy.

Companies like JustDial and Indiamart give you leads, no doubt, but they keep you in the crowd. What sets my work different from these companies and other SEO and Digital Marketing experts.

I actually rank your business on the first page of Google for your preferred keywords. I make your business a brand. A popular name in our vicinity, in your city.

When your Business Ranks with Name on the first page of Google or any other search engine, More and more of your prospective customers find your business. They get your name, Your brand becomes bigger and bigger day by day.

As a result, you get more customers organically, more leads organically, there is no limit to leads you can get. As the companies, Justdial and Indiamart have a limit to provide leads. There is no limit to that when you rank on the first page of google.

After realizing all this, I came up with an amazing service where I started promoting only one client in one category in one city. 

Earlier, I was trying to promote multiple clients in a city. That was also cool and giving results. However, there was confusion and dissatisfaction among my clients. I understood that and I started thinking about how to take care of that alarming situation.

After much thought and brainstorming with my team, we came up with OCOCOC. OCOCOC stands for One City One Category One Client.

No. 1 Local Business Ranking Expert 

Well, this was the service that entirely changed the world of SEO ad Digital Marketing.

What Actually Happens in this service in terms of Local BUsiness Promotion. You need to understand it here.

We promote your business via JustBaazaar.com and rank your business on the first page of Google for your preferred keywords.

Gradually, the search engine understands your business and the power of our work in terms of SEO and Digital marketing. In some time, the search engine starts ranking your Google My Business Listing and your business website as well.

Now, you can see that there are high chances that your business will be appearing on the first page of Google with Multiple Links as follows

  1. Your Business Name with JustBaazaar Link
  2. Your Google My Business Listing
  3. Your Business Website
  4. Your Youtube Video
  5. Your Business  Products and Services photos

I have delivered these results to many businesses. Where my clients have a ruling presence on the first of google and other search engines. You can read more about OCOCOC at ocococ.justbaazaar.com. You will also get the list of some of my prestigious clients.

I am sure if you love your business and want to become a ruling business in your business category in your area/city, OCOCOC is the service/Digital Product you need.

This service was launched at the price of Rs. 85000 upfront and 5000 per month.

Due to Covid, the price was reduced to Rs. 25000 upfront and 3000 per month.

Well, as you reading this blog for a long, I have a special offer for you.

You can Rank your business on top with OCOCOC for just Rs, 15000, and 3000 per month. 

I want to help as many local business owners as possible to get more. The plus point is my clients are getting more sales, more customers, more revenue, more profits. Minus point is I can help only one client in one city.

So, you can decide if you need this service or not.

Let me tell you, you will take this service if you love your business and you are excited to serve your customers as I am always excited to serve my customers.

This is something that makes me No. 1 Local Business Ranking Expert/No. 1 Business Ranking Expert.

So, dear friends, if you need more information about growing business, join my telegram t.me/justbaazaar and you will get the updates regularly.

Our other complementary/discounted services for OCOCOC clients are as follows:

  1. Free Website Designing and Maintenance till you are a precious client
  2. Social Media Marketing at discounted prices
  3. WhatsApp Marketing FREE – Only Pay for API FEE
  4. Email Marketing FREE
  5. Leave Management Tool
  6. Visitor Management Tool
  7. Process Flow Automation
  8. AD Management at discounted prices
  9. Content Marketing at Discounted prices
  10. Graphics Designing at discounted prices
  11. many more services

We start with one of your preferred keywords and then rank all of your keywords as you are our only client in your category in your location. So, there is no biased work.

I hope you find the above information useful. Go for OCOCOC at Discounted Prices Right Now – Click HERE

With Regards
Digital Sunil Chaudhary
CEO & Founder – JustBaazaar

No. 1 Business Ranking Expert No.1 Local Business Ranking Expert Best SEO Expert in India
Digital Sunil Chaudhary

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