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By Guruji Sunil Chaudhary

New York Beer Project is the first brewery in New York in the last 100 Years. It features a premier gastropub.

New York Beer Project NYBP
New York Beer Project NYBP

It has got two locations

  1. Lockport Location
  2. Victor Location

Featured beers are mentioned below for your reference:

  1. Orange Grove Gose
  2. Irish Cofee Stout
  3. HyperJuice

The flagship products are as mentioned below:

  1. Buckleberry Wheat – Beer as fun to say as it is to drink! Here at NYBP, we had a great time finding that PERFECT blend of three delicious berries to create our unique Buckleberry Wheat. We’ve combined Blueberries and Boysenberries, and then added exotic wild huckleberries (which are pretty impossible to get…but we think the people that drink our beer only deserve the best!)
  2. Cherry Blonde – She was the unrivalled champion at the 2016 “Meet The Blondes” Competition at NYBP Lockport, and now we are bringing her back to stay! We are so excited to announce that miss Cherry Blonde is back in da house! If you haven’t tried her yet, you’ll be hooked- and if you have, be prepared to fall in love all over again.
  3. Destination IPA – Life is full of many journeys, but NYBP Destination, our flagship IPA, will take you exactly where you want to go. Brewed in honour of all the unique and wonderful ways to get you where you want to go, just remember to always reach for your Destination!
  4. Gameday – Gameday Belgian Wit, brewed with love by New York Beer Project, is the perfect accompaniment to the game, whatever that may be. Perhaps your game is baseball, football, or hockey, or maybe you just like to play games…board or other! Let’s face it: every day is a game day.
  5. Lockport Lager – Lagers were first brewed in America by immigrants lonely and thirsty for their German and European style lagers. Undeterred, they set about to create them in the United States. Fast forward to now, and the time has one to once again celebrate this historic beer style brewed as a love letter to the deep and rich history of diversity, strength, hope and courage. Cheers.
  6. New York Amber – NY Amber isn’t just a beer, it’s a state of mind. Here at the New York Beer Project, we’ve created an Amber that celebrates all the amazing people who live and drink here. A vibrant beer for those who love life and live it to the fullest- cheers!
  7. Supernatural Passion Fruit Sour – Supernatural Sour was voted the most refreshing beer in America! (Seriously.) This beer will overload your taste buds with a juicy supernatural experience, devoid of sensible meaning. Careful, you may become addicted!
  8. Victor Lager – A true classic beer for the light lager lover, this beer style is what German Immigrants introduced to the first Beer Halls in 19th century NYC. Years later, let’s raise a glass to tradition with this authentic, delicious, and timeless Lager.
New York Beer Project NYBP
New York Beer Project NYBP

New York Beer Project has also got some seasonals as well for you

  1. Coconut IPA – Style: Fruit IPA – ABV: 6.2% – IBU: 69 – This beautiful golden bodied IPA is here just in time to get you in the mood for Spring! Coconut IPA was both brewed with toasted coconut, as well as aged on flaked coconut, to give it a lovely Coco forward aroma and taste profile. This beer was dry-hopped with Ariana and Wai-iti hops, providing complimentary aromas of tropical fruits. One sip will make you feel like you’re on that vacation you’ve been dreaming about! Cheers!


  2. Dublin the Funn – Style: Irish Red Ale – ABV: 5.2% – IBU: 20 – This funn Irish Red is the perfect ale for the season! At 5.2% ABV, you can drink it all night long and still be ready for the St. Pat’s parties and parades the following morning. Selling out in a record 92 hours during its first release at the NYBP Mothership, we’ve since brewed a bit more to last through the season, but don’t let that lull you into not grabbin’ some of this Irish Red Ale as quickly as you can! Slainte!


  3. English Old Ale – Style: Barrel-Aged Old Ale – ABV: 8.5% – IBU: 60 – For two years, NYBP has invited guests to explore living history by re-creating the famous Beer Halls that once populated NYC and, before that, Europe. In honor of our rich brewing past, Brewer Ben Elford has created the classic English Old Ale as a special anniversary treat. NYBP’s English Old Ale is a very complex sipper that drinks a bit like a wine or a scotch. Expect wine-like aromas with a touch of funkiness on the nose. The sweet maltiness and hints of caramel mix with the tart farmhouse from the brett, finishing with a smooth alcohol warmness.


Contact Lockport Location

716-743-NYBP (716-743-6927)
General Manager – Caitlin Mulroy – [email protected]
Regional Director – Charles Ferber – [email protected]
Address – 6933 S Transit Rd, Lockport, NY 14094,

Contact Victor Location

Main Number – 585-888-NYBP (585-888-6927)
General Manager – Sandy Coyne – [email protected]
Address: 300 High Street, Victor, NY 14564

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