Jobs Life Business After Corona Real Analysis

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By Archana Chaudhary

Spent Years and Tons of Capital to Establish stable Business. #Corona has ruined in Just 21 Days.

Many Coaching centres and many other businesses are on the verge of shutting down even after Corona. As Modi Ji said, life will not be the same after Corona as it was before Corona.

Students who take Admission in the Month of March and April, they are not going to join this year for sure. Exceptionally some may.

They have become habitual and exposed to many technologies which help them learn at the comfort of their home.

Lakhs of Coaching centres will shut down.

Not only coaching centres, a business where were started in the last 365 days, but they are also facing the danger of losing the complete business.

You know, clients are not even replying let’s not talk about business continuation.

Jobs Life Business After Corona Real Analysis
Jobs Life Business After Corona Real Analysis

Yes, there are some good people and they will always be there.

However, the clients who are replying, they are also not bad. They are scared and are not in the state of stating anything.

This Corona has weakened the economy badly and taken the world back by at least 10 years. Obviously, Health is a prime concern.

The people who are in secured jobs or in government jobs are not much affected by this. Therefore, many business starters are discouraged by this big SetBack and will start looking for jobs.

However, Job sector is also affected greatly. The companies are trying to remove employees and just retain the key ones.

So, times are really tough.

Thinking of the world is changing, Super Power can be shifted from the USA to China. Thousands of Families will remember this as a curse on the world. Families who have lost their loved ones, husbands, sons, daughters, etc.

Labour class is highly demoralized. And, these people will not be as easy in moving to cities as they were earlier. Labour charges will move up in cities and will go down in rural areas.

The people who go to Arab Countries and Other foreign countries to make money will also the same mindset.

Overall, a big change in the Economy and People’s mindset.

Corona has done something Good Also.

Pollution has become almost zero. People have learnt to live without fast food. We have phoned some distant relatives and have become closer. So many people are not getting enough dose of Drugs, liquor, and cigarettes and tobacco. So these people have learnt to live life without these dangerous things.

Many people now know how to live life in limited means. Especially the children of lavish families who used to find it tough to survive without burgers and pizzas.

So, many things have changed. Please comment How Corona has changed your life or something around you!!

Writer – Sunil Chaudhary, Content Writing Expert.

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