How Unique Content Is Essential for Website Ranking?


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Hey, Welcome to my blog post where I am going to discuss How Unique Content Is Essential for Website Ranking. I will discuss various aspects of Content and its impact on Website ranking.

How Unique Content Is Essential for Website Ranking? |Complete Guide

“Content is King”, is the common phrase with which almost every writer and people concerned with this field are familiar. Everyone knows that content is the main key that can give their website a way to rank in the top position. 

But the question is which type of content will work? Is it okay to copy someone’s content and publish it on your website? Can we duplicate other authors’ content and use it? 

The simplest answer to such questions is a big no because you will never get what you are looking for. As a webmaster, the core aim that you have is to get ranked on the top results for better exposure. 

You will never be able to reach this goal by using copied content. As per experts, unique content is a major factor to consider among the other 200 SEO factors that Google considers for ranking. 

You can estimate how much importance this type of content has for smooth and stable ranking. In this blog, we are going to show you deeply the importance of unique content. It will help you in understanding why you write unique content for your website’s ranking. 

Why Unique Content is Important?

Around 7 million blogs are published daily on the internet. Do you see all of those on the first page of Google? Absolutely not because the search engine ranks only those pages in the top position that are valuable for the readers. 

It crawls all pages and blogs but ranks only 10 on its first page. If you want to rank your website among the top 10 websites, you should think like Google. It ranks those blogs that are well-optimized and unique and sustain their positions. 

Among these factors, there are many other reasons that raise the importance of unique content. Let us show you those factors here in the following section. 

Provides Value to the Audience 

If we say that the most important factor for your website’s rank is user interaction, it will be right. The reason is search engine measures user engagement and considers it while ranking a blog. 

Unique content will help you in this regard because it gives value to the users. When you copy content from other websites, it will discourage the users spend time on your website. 

Along with this, when you are writing manually, you can easily create a proper flow in your writing. It will help the readers not to get bored and be intact with your website. This factor will help you in getting more organic traffic on your website which will push your website’s rank in the search results. 

Here are some benefits that you will get in this regard with the help of unique content. 

  • It will generate more sales. 
  • You will get more lead conversions. 
  • Your website will get shared on different channels by the readers. 
  • It will increase user engagement with your content. 

Provides Value to the Audience

Increase Credibility – Unique Content Is Essential

There is no confusion about the relationship between credible content and the ranking of a website. The more credible content you will provide, the higher rank your website will get in SERPs. 

Original content increases the credibility of your content and makes it trustworthy. It doesn’t help you to engage the readers but also the researchers which will be more effective for ranking. 

When some researchers find out that you are providing credible content, they will surely give you a link to support your work. Such links help your website to stand out from other websites with the same niche or topic. 

Also, your website’s authority will be increased because multiple researchers are recommending you. As a result, it will automatically boost your rank in the search results. 

How Unique Content Is Essential for Website Ranking?


Ensures Stable Position in SERPs – Unique Content Is Essential

Many writers and webmasters claim that they have got higher positions even with duplicate content. No doubt, it is possible that you have experienced such a condition because this type of content can do so. 

But it will be only an instant push in your website’s rank instead of a stable one. In simple words, your blogs will go down after a few days only and will never come back to the same higher position. 

With the help of unique content, you can easily attain a position with higher results. Along with this, the position will be sustained and won’t go down instantly after some days. 

So, you will be able to get traffic on your website consistently which is an indication of a higher rank. No doubt, it will take some time but it will be an organic way of ranking that is long-lasting as compared to the rank you will get with duplicate content. 

Avoid Copyright Strikes 

It is the most harmful problem that you will get from duplicate and plagiarized content. When the search engine or the author has caught you plagiarizing their work, you will start getting strikes on your content. 

When Google takes DMCA on the content, it can remove your article or even push the rank lower of the entire website. Also, the website will not be a credible one in view of the algorithm of the search engine. 

Simply, you will not be able to attain the same position in the search results because you have got a bad image already. The best way to avoid such strikes and keep your website higher in the search results, you should use unique content. 

It will never let you face problems like copyright strikes because you will be the original owner of the content. Also, if someone has sent you a copyright strike, you can defend it because of the strong ground. 

How to check and remove duplications from your content?

Till now, you have understood the importance of unique content for a website rank. Now, the question is to check if the content is original or not and the method to remove it. 

This process is completed in two major parts that are detection of plagiarism and removal of those lines. Let us show you both these parts briefly to understand and complete them properly. 

First of all, you have to find plagiarism in your content which is not possible to do manually. The reason is you will need to compare your text with billions of pages. The best way to check plagiarism is with the help of a tool. 

Such tools are designed for the detection of plagiarism in your given text. The tool has a wide database where it keeps adding articles and blogs once they are published. Whenever you will insert the text, it will compare your text with those documents. 

In the end, it will show you which part of your content is plagiarism and which one is unique. In this way, you can exactly reach that section of your article that has been found copied or plagiarized. 

Now, the second step comes in the way where you have to rewrite those lines. In manual conversion, you must have to invest a lot of time and should be proficient too. 

Without being proficient, you can’t rewrite the content to make it unique with the original meanings. To get quality outcomes, you should paraphrase your content with the help of an online tool. 

These tools have a simple interface with advanced algorithms to do so. When you insert the text in this tool, it will use its algorithm to understand the text. Once it has analyzed the text, it will start replacing the words with the original ones. 

In the end, you will get the text with 100% uniqueness and the original meaning of the text. It means that your content will remain safe but gives a new preview of the text that makes it unique. 

By following these two steps, you can detect and remove plagiarism from your text. You can say that the final text can offer you all the above-mentioned benefits to get a higher rank in SERPs. 

Final Verdict 

With the help of our blog, you must have got an idea about the importance of unique content. By using original content, you can easily get a sustainable and long-lasting higher rank for your website. Unique Content Is Essential and very important.

Along with this, you can be a prominent name in your category. The reason is your audience will like your credible content and trust your website. In this way, you will get a recommendation from your users that will enhance the organic traffic to gain more profit.

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