How to build a news website and make money online?

Hello, My name is Sunil and I like to share my views on many topics related to business and personal development. Many people and youngsters ask these days a question, “How to build a news website and make money online?”

How to build a news website and make money online?

In this post, you are are going to learn how to build a news website and make some additional money for yourself.

Well, it may sound a little tough for you.

How to build a news website and make money online?
How to build a news website and make money online?

Yes, it is tough because you have no idea at all. The things which are required to build a news website and run it to the level where it is giving you some decent money.

I have never been running around the bush. So, let me come to the point straight.

Passion Interest Commitment

The first thing you need to build a news website is your interest, passion, and commitment to stick to it. Without this all the other things are irrelevant.

Well, if you are adamant and enough passion to go into that side of the world, this post is going to help you in a very easy manner.

WordPress Hosting

The second thing you need to have dedicated WordPress hosting space which you can take from any reputed company like Godaddy, Hostinger, or Bluehost. I am not promoting any company here. However, I know the companies I have mentioned are well-reputed. So, you are good to go with them.

Fast and Dependable WordPress News Theme

The Third thing you need to do is find a great News Theme like NewsMag. Again, I have used this theme and found it very easy and effective to use. You can choose any by searching for the themes. I suggest you go with a paid version of the theme. it is because you get support and updates timely.

Necessary Plugins

The Fourth thing you should do is add relevant plugins to your site like Google Site Kit, Yoast SEO, etc. You can find some ways to get these plugins for some cheap amount. if you need any help, contact me at [email protected].

Choose Your Niche

The Fifth thing you must do is choosing the niche for your news site. Like what kind of news you are going to share with your audience. Also, you need to understand what kind of news your audience wants. You can use tools like Google analytics and Semrush to find more in these lines.

Content Is the King

Next task to do is write amazing and engaging content for your audience. You must make sure the posts you are writing and sharing are unique and not copied from any other news website.

On-Page SEO

Now, you should make sure the on-page SEO is completed. This is a really easy task, you can use Yoast SEO Plugin and it takes care of the things automatically. Just follow the plugin. Over a period of time, you will expert. Have patience.


The final thing to do is taking care of the off-page SEO by getting some genuine backlinks.

For Reference, I know a website which is making lots of news these days is KhabarLazmi and JBDailyNews. These guys are really doing great work. 

They have a specific audience with Keywords like HindiNews, Khabar in Hindi, News in Hindi, Latest News, Live Updates, etc.

You should also, choose keywords like this. if you need any support feel free to contact me. I like to support the people who want to build an online business or some source to make additional money.

All The Best!

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