How To Be Safe In Nature?

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By Guruji Sunil Chaudhary

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Dear Friends, these times are really tough as we have been experiencing a surge in the number of coronavirus-infected people. As per the update with me, I would say we are losing more people than we lost in 2020. We never expected this kind of pandemic in our lives. Would you like to know how to safe in nature?

The question arises why all this happened and how to be safe? I have learned a lot and understood a lot. Nature has given us everything we need to be happy and healthy. However, our greed for modernization and innovation leads us all here where we have many pandemics around us.

Enjoy Nature
Save Nature

When we go out to nature, rivers, lakes, beaches, we all feel a great amount of happiness. But what we did. We insisted on building apartments and reduced the greenery over the planet. We did not value the natural resources which give us everything and last long. Instead, we continued to look for artificial developments to make us happier.

Even now, when we are facing lots of problems majorly due to the Corona pandemic, we should think about the ways we can give nature to our future generation where we can live happily.

We are not required to do much. We just need to respect nature and understand our limitations in terms of the interference we do with nature.

We need to reduce or almost stop the artificial developments and increase plantations around us. We all need to be accountable for this task not only our governments should do.

We are mostly safe if we are a little careful and promise not to interfere with natural things. For example, due to lots of construction, the water level is critically down. Because of industrialization, a huge amount of pollution is created. and many more examples are there.

We have been taught in our academic career many good things and moral stories. However, as we grow up, we tend to forget all those lessons and just focus on the materialistic life that money brings to us.

Do you not enjoy the time when you are out in the open to beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, and green plains. Yes, you like them. We all do. But soon we come to our urban life and get indulged in our money-making life.

Dear friends, nature has everything we need to be happy. We just need to maintain the balance and be content with enough offerings nature has to make.

Nature has given us astounding things and places. One of those places is whistler. Whistler, what?

Well, Whistler is located in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in the province of British Columbia, Canada, approximately 125 km (78 mi) north of Vancouver and 36 km (22 mi) south of the town of Pemberton.

Here you can view the glaciated mountains. The panoramic of these mountains is just amazing and can only be experienced rather than mentioning in words here.

Spending life here is a divine occurrence. If we are interested in enjoying nature to the fullest, we should consider spending our lives in this kind of place. As I am the person who would love to be in such places for my whole life, I believe there are many. So, you can consider “Real Estate For Sale in Whistler” options.

However, I would emphasize and urge you to be as minimal as possible there. Trying to adjust to nature and nature will give you all the happiness. I am not implying that money is not significant in our lives. However, I can reassure you that wealth is for sure not the origin of happiness.

Delight is given by nature and the creator. it is a pious miracle to our lives.

Let’s admire nature so that we can all extend to be safe and smile. Also, our forthcoming generations will acknowledge us for keeping our planet greener.

With Love
Sunil Chaudhary

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