How to Attract More Students to Oriental University Indore?

In this article, I am going to suggest ways to attract more and more students to Oriental University Indore. I am sure if the management is going to follow the strategies, the university will get more students constantly.

So, let’s go.

How to Attract More Students to Oriental University Indore?

How do we normally make someone feel the particular brand is a good one and should be tried?

Well, there are several ways to do the same. Most of the Business Owners try to do physical advertising with the help of Hoardings, Banners, etc. Many of these Business owners also spend tons of money with newspapers.

No doubt, Newspapers, Hoardings, and Banners, can leave a great brand influence in someone’s heart. They increase brand value. And, so many good repute companies and organizations are still intact with that strategy. Now, there is nothing wrong in sticking with that as far as the business is making enough money or getting a satisfactory response.

Changing Trend

I am sure OUI has been doing the same. However, they have seen the changing trend. And, Now OUI is trying to do the things with the latest way, which is SEO and Digital Marketing. Thus, they have a vacancy in SEO and Digital Marketing Department. I appreciate the new strategy.

I would like to state that OUI can get far better results with SEO and Digital Marketing if they hire the right person and let him do the SEO and Digital Marketing his/her way. Everything should go orderly and per the management’s choice. The university must follow the Latest SEO Trends.

Role of SEO and Digital Marketing

Nevertheless, there is no wonder that OUI like any other University wants to make a solid online business presence. This Online Business Presence for OUI is going to do a great deal of support in getting more and more business in the form of students. Not only this, but OUI will also have a strong Online Brand Presence.

Because SEO and Digital Marketing expert not only increases the Online Brand Presence but also makes sure that there are no negative remarks which are prominent to users. Thus, the SEO and Digital Marketing expert will be able to get more students to Oriental University Indore.

Present Situation

As per my analysis, OUI’s present online presence and penetration into the online education world is not what it should be or can be if an SEO and Digital Marketing expert has been working.

Either OUI should increase the Paid Campaign budget or hire a more proficient SEO and Digital Marketing Expert who can make a difference.

  • Current Traffic Rank India – 79664
  • Sites Linking in – 17

What should be done?

So, as per my opinion, there is a great scope of work for OUI to make efforts towards SEO and Digital Marketing.

And, if there is an SEO and Digital Marketing Expert like me (Sunil Chaudhary), The university is going to make a solid online presence and will get students increasingly regularly.

The website can be designed more engagingly and interactively. For this, a regular team meeting is required where the whole team can discuss the ideas and brainstorm. These are the times to work based on AGILE principles.

What kind of team OUI should hire?

As per my experience, the university should check for the academic credentials, however, they should hire a person whose intent is passionate to make the university more and more imminent. And, I am the kind of person. If a person like is supported and understood, any organization will grow for sure. I am not praising myself. I have seen people being selfish and not caring about the organization. However, I have always been really honest with my work.

I believe in teamwork, and that is why I would hire people who do the same. I can compromise on the skills, however, I would hire the people who are willing to learn and have an adaptable attitude.

Role of an SEO Expert

I was the SEO and Digital Marketing Expert, I would make sure the university has a presence in most of the locations from where they want to get students. I mean Districts and towns as well. Also, if they want to get students from other countries, I would take care of that as well.

I would try to get as many backlinks as possible. Because this is something increases the online presence. Backlinks are generated in many ways. My policy is to generate a backlink with unique content every time. I think that using the same content over and again for backlink creation decreases the quality of the backlink.

I would make sure the Google My Business has enough and relevant content to make it appear on the top for relevant queries in the search engines like Google and Bing.

I would utilize the power of the tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Google analytics, and other relevant tools to make sure we know what kind of queries are being searched over the internet by students and parents.

I would try to utilize that.

In case, the university is willing to run paid campaigns, I would make sure that we are not leaving proper and well maintained remarketing as well. Because I know once students or parents see a university appearing in front of their eyes for 7 or more times, they tend to interact and most likely want to know more. 

And, then comes the role of Telemarketing team. 

As a Digital Marketing expert, I would make sure the information of the OUI is in-sync across the Social Media Platforms so that students and parents are becoming confident of their knowledge about the university. I will try to get more students to Oriental University.

Final Words

The more robust the SEO and Digital Marketing team is for OUI, the solid Brand presence it will have and will get lots of students from any corner of the earth as per their preference.

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