How Much Should I be Paying for SEO

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By Archana Chaudhary

Hello Dear Friends, I understand the importance of SEO these days. You can crack a great deal of Marketing organically without paying much with the help of SEO. However, you are still wondering How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO. Well, I can understand I have been through this stage when I wanted to get more students for my coaching centre.

I initially went for the paid approach. But I was always thinking about SEO Ranking. I was also confused about the pricing of the SEO for my business.

I kept on reading multiple blogs and almost after 365 days I realized that the SEO price actually relates to many things which you are going read here.

It’s not an easy task to determine SEO pricing for your business or for any other keyword. It depends on business to business or type of business that you run. And, it also depends on geography and how much area you are going to target.

SEO activities and their volume depend on the competition in the given keyword. It takes more efforts to rank in Google. If the business is very expensive and lies in Competitive markets then it takes more efforts to rank it on Google or any other search engine. Here, I am not talking about PPC(Google Ads/Formerly Adwords). So an organic ranking on Google will take a lot of Trend Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Technologies and Efforts. Therefore, SEO charges will be based on these factors.

There are many things which we should optimize for Strong SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Technical optimization
  • Content Creation

But SEO is quite easy and cheaper for small and local business. SEO Provides a strong marketing option for Local Businesses.

How Much Should I be Paying for SEO

Let’s Have a Look at The SEO Pricing & Cost Inland and Overseas

  • $100-$250 an hour for US agencies
  • $2,500 – $10,000 per month for US agencies
  • $10-$50 an hour overseas
  • Beware of SEO guarantees
  • Templated plans becoming less popular
  • Custom pricing & strategies needed
  • Adding costs for a link building campaign
  • Lower costs for local SEO
  • Higher costs for eCommerce SEO
  • Additional content creation fees

SEO Pricing Plan Monthly

General SEO Prices and Packages in the SEO Industry

Different SEO Agencies have different pricing strategies for different businesses. Their SEO pricing starts from as little as 25000 for Complete website optimization.

Hourly Rate for SEO Pricing is approx $50-250. If your website has a lot of traffic and you are making thousands of dollars, you can get hourly services to get consistent traffic on Per House Basis. SEO pricing ranges could be up to $50 per hour or approx over $250 per hour. However, We recommend you to contact an SEO Expert who has good Experience in this particular category.

How Much Should I be Paying for SEO

Things Which Affect SEO Cost

  • SEO Skill Set & Expertise
  • Location Determines Pricing
  • Competency in Your Target Audience’s Language
  • Level of Marketing Expertise in Your Niche

SEO Skill Set & Expertise: SEO Skill and expertise affect the SEO Cost because a good SEO company pays a high salary to Highly skilled SEO professionals. Therefore, SEO prices would be high as per your requirement.

Location(Geography/Area) Determines Pricing: SEO Cost also depends on location. if your business target is India or USA based, Cost will be based on that or if your business is running in a small country or town, charges will be accordingly.

Level of Marketing Expertise in Your Niche: SEO Cost depends on Business Niche. If your business niche has high competition then SEO Charges will be based on that.

So, Before You Chose any SEO agency or SEO Expert, You understand these factors. I am sure this post would have given you an insight into SEO Prices and the factors associated with it.

You can also Contact JustBaazaar if you are really sincere about getting into Marketing your business with SEO. We have affordable and effective SEO Marketing Plans. Most of our SEO Plans are backed by Money Back Guarantee.

See You Soon!

Komal Varshney
SEO Expert

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