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Franchise Business Opportunity Low Investments High ROI

Franchise Business Opportunity Low Investments High ROI. Hello Friend, If you are reading here, it means you are looking for a great franchise business opportunity. Well, there are many franchise businesses out there waiting for you. 

Franchise Business Opportunity Low Investments High ROI

We have a great franchise business offer for you depending on if available in your city or not. There is an English Language Institute TAMS Studies.

TAMS Studies – English Language Academy

Let us Introduce TAMS Studies as a Very Respected Name in the field of English Langauge Teaching and Training in India in Various Cities and Lot many branches are being opened.

The institute was opened in 2014 March. Since then, the institute has been helping thousands of people achieving their dreams by empowering them with Good English.

As TAMS Studies has a tie-up with JustBaazaar which happens to be a Leading Online Business Promotion Company in India, it offers Good Digital Marketing and a good number of leads for admissions.

Why TAMS Studies Franchise?

  1. World Class English Language Training Curriculum.
  2. Complete Online Business Promotion Support.
  3. Regular Digital Marketing To Maintain Healthy Interaction with new and existing customers.
  4. Continuous Brand Awareness Campaigns in the surrounding area. 
  5. Brochure, Pamphlet, Visiting Card, Designing Support
  6. Graphics Designing Support
  7. I Card Issuance Support
  8. Lesson Plan Support
  9. Motivational Seminars by Suniltams Guruji and other Keynote Speakers

TAMS Studies is offering Franchise Business Opportunity to the people who fulfil below mentioned requirements:

  1. Either You Can Teach Good English Or You Can Hire Someone Who can take care for English Teaching for Spoken as well Basic Grammar
  2. You have your own or rented space where at least 50 Students can be accommodated
  3. Proper Washrooms are available
  4. CCTV Security Arrangements are in place
  5. The centre is located in a crowded place
  6. Willing to work for a longer period of time

If you are interested in Starting a Franchise Business with English Language Academy by TAMS Studies, You should do the following.

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