Exly LMS My Poor Experience

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By Guruji Sunil Chaudhary

Unveiling the Power of Exly LMS: A Comprehensive Review by Sunil Chaudhary: In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for effective and efficient learning management systems (LMS) is more crucial than ever. For digital success coaches and online business entrepreneurs, finding the right LMS can be a game-changer. That’s why we’re excited to present this in-depth review by Sunil Chaudhary, a renowned Digital Success Coach in India. Sunil’s experience with Exly, one of the most promising players in the LMS space, provides valuable insights into what makes Exly LMS stand out. In this blog post, we’ll explore key pointers covered in his video review.

Exly LMS My Poor Experience



Exly LMS Review: A Disappointing Experience for Digital Coaches

Date: October 30, 2023

Author: Sunil Chaudhary, Digital Success Coach

I can’t stress enough how critical it is for digital coaches to choose the right Learning Management System (LMS). As someone who has dedicated years to coaching and empowering others in the digital space, I recently had the misfortune of crossing paths with Exly LMS, and I felt compelled to share my honest and disheartening experience with their service.

abysmal customer service

Let me be clear, regardless of the features or functionality they claim to offer, the standout feature of Exly LMS, in my opinion, is their abysmal customer service. It’s disheartening to see how they take their customers for granted, displaying a complete lack of respect and professionalism. This review is not a result of a single bad interaction; it’s a culmination of many disappointments over time.

total disregard for punctuality in meetings

One of the most apparent issues I encountered with Exly was their total disregard for punctuality in meetings. They seemed to operate on their own schedule, often leaving me waiting for extended periods without any communication or apology. This unprofessional behavior is completely unacceptable for a company in the LMS industry.

attitude towards their clients

Their attitude towards their clients, especially digital coaches like me, is abhorrent. They exude arrogance and egoism, displaying a complete lack of empathy and understanding. A company in the business of providing services to coaches should, at the very least, be respectful and appreciative of the unique challenges coaches face in their professional journey. Exly seems to miss this point entirely.

doesn’t take the time to research their target audience

Furthermore, it’s apparent that Exly LMS doesn’t take the time to research their target audience or truly understand the needs of digital coaches. They push their LMS onto you without considering whether it aligns with your goals and requirements. It’s as if they’re only interested in making money from coaches, rather than genuinely supporting our growth and success.

lack any respect for the coaching community

In my experience, they lack any respect for the coaching community, treating us more like a revenue stream than individuals with unique needs and aspirations. This approach not only demonstrates their disregard for the coaching profession but also underscores their primary focus on profits.

lack of commitment to their customers

I reached out to Exly LMS to express my concerns and dissatisfaction with their service. I even informed them that I intended to post a negative review about them online, in the hope that it might prompt some improvement or at least a response. However, to my dismay, they did not seem to care at all. This level of indifference is astonishing and speaks volumes about their lack of commitment to their customers.

steer clear of Exly LMS

In conclusion, I strongly advise all digital coaches and creators to steer clear of Exly LMS. Regardless of the features they offer, their abysmal customer service, arrogance, and lack of respect for their clients make them a terrible choice for anyone in the coaching industry. There are far better options out there that truly value their customers and work to support your growth and success. Exly LMS has shown me that they are not one of those options, and I hope my experience serves as a cautionary tale for others


Exly LMS Review For Digital Coaches

  1. Exly LMS Overview

Exly LMS is making waves in the e-learning industry as a robust learning management system designed to meet the unique needs of digital coaches and online business owners. It offers a comprehensive suite of features for course creation, student engagement, and business growth.

  1. Exly LMS Review

Sunil Chaudhary dives deep into his experience with Exly LMS, sharing his candid thoughts on its usability, features, and overall performance. His review will give you a firsthand account of what to expect when using this platform.

  1. Exly Learning Management System – What Sets It Apart?

Exly LMS distinguishes itself from the competition through its innovative approach and features tailored to the online coaching and e-learning business. Sunil explores how Exly caters to these specific needs.

  1. Exly Online Business Support

Learn how Exly can help digital entrepreneurs grow their online businesses. Sunil discusses the tools and resources Exly provides to enhance the success of online ventures.

  1. Exly APP

Sunil provides insights into the Exly app, discussing its user-friendliness and how it facilitates mobile learning and coaching on the go.

  1. Meet the Founders: Suyash Sinha and Akhil Tripathi

Get to know the minds behind Exly – Suyash Sinha and Akhil Tripathi. Sunil sheds light on their vision and commitment to the platform’s success.

  1. Exly Services

Discover the services offered by Exly and how they align with the needs of digital coaches and entrepreneurs.

  1. Exly Pricing

Sunil delves into Exly’s pricing structure, helping you understand how it fits into your budget and business plans.

  1. Exly Alternatives: Exly vs. Graphy, Exly vs. Teachable, Exly vs. Tag Mango

If you’re considering other LMS options, Sunil provides a comparative analysis of Exly against Graphy, Teachable, and Tag Mango, helping you make an informed decision.

  1. Exly LMS Login and App Experience

Sunil walks you through the Exly LMS login process and shares his experience using the mobile app.

  1. Exly Funding

Get an update on Exly’s funding status, which can be a strong indicator of the platform’s growth and future prospects.

  1. Exly Feedback

Sunil explores feedback from users and how Exly has responded to enhance its services based on user input.

  1. Sunil’s Overall Review and Experience

In his concluding thoughts, Sunil provides a holistic view of his experience with Exly, offering valuable insights and recommendations.

  1. Is Exly Good for Digital Coaches?

Find out if Exly is a suitable choice for digital coaches and why it might be the right fit for your coaching business.

  1. How is Exly as an LMS?

Summing up, Sunil Chaudhary gives you the lowdown on Exly as an LMS and how it can elevate your online coaching and e-learning efforts.


Sunil Chaudhary’s comprehensive review of Exly LMS offers a unique perspective on the platform’s suitability for digital success coaches and online businesses in India. If you’re considering an LMS for your e-learning venture, this blog and video provide the guidance and insights you need to make an informed decision. Exly may just be the solution you’ve been searching for to take your online coaching to new heights

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