Do You Know This About Digital Marketing?

Hey, my name is Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji. I am the founder of JustBaazaar. I have been working with SEO and digital marketing since 2016, and I am proud to share that hundreds of my clients are happy with my services, and I am also quite satisfied with that performance. In this article, I am going to discuss the scope of Digital Marketing in present and in coming times. Do You Know This About Digital Marketing?

Do You Know This About Digital Marketing?

However, I would like to acknowledge that I always felt that something was missing. The thing which was missing, I thought was the mentorship.

Everything was fine, however, I was not having the kind of confidence which I should have had.

I was always in a dilemma that whether I can do better or not.


I wanted to do better. I wanted JustBaazaar to be a big brand. I wanted to be a big personal brand.

Up to a great extent, I could achieve that but still, something was missing. And that’s something I believe I am not able to express in words. So bear with me on this part.

Now, as I have joined the Digital Deepak internship program, I have already started feeling confident about everything I do. I believe this is the power of having a mentor for yourself. Now I have a mentor for myself that is none other than digital Deepak.

Right now, I am going through the second week of my training. The second week of training starts with the law of marketing. As per digital Deepak, marketing is the base of digital marketing. If we do not have marketing skills, we cannot make good use of digital marketing. It is the essence.


If I talk about my experience, I believe from my 7 years of experience that if you are not confident about your service or product, first of all, you will not be able to market that. You will not be able to do so for a longer period. As per my experience, I have to say that once you are confident about your product or service you will be able to transfer that knowledge to the other person which is your customer or your client with the right amount of energy.

I want to say that sales are all about the transfer of energy. When you can transfer the energy you get from your product and service to the other part which is your customer or client, sales happen. So I strongly believe that you should know the fundamentals of marketing.

I would like to add that marketing is knowing the needs of the other party. If you do not know the needs of the other party you are just throwing an arrow in the dark that may hit the target or not.

Now as we are talking about marketing and transfer of energy, how it happens? It happens via our communication. Therefore our communication skills need to be good if not best. 

In the training, I have also learned about Global economics and marketing. As per DigitalDeepak, these are the things every marketer should learn.

I believe that if we learn Global economics and marketing, these things are going to help us for sure because we will have a broad knowledge about the things and we will be able to relate to many more things and would be able to connect the dots, and will be able to make effective sales.

study global economics for better marketing and sales

In terms of digital marketing and traditional marketing, I know that traditional marketing is quite effective. If we talk about some generic products which are quite popular. For example, if we talk about Apple iPhone or something like that TV ads and radio ads are far more beneficial for them than digital marketing.

Because TV ads and Radio ads have more reach for less money. We can confidently convey this message to our clients. Because honesty and transparency always pay more than anything else. The most important thing in the training I learned is the marketing funnel that is CATT – content attention trust transaction.

CATT Marketing Funnel Digital Deepak

It is the most important thing as per week 2 of the training. First of all, our content should be of high quality. After the content, we have to focus on the Integrated digital marketing. Integrated digital marketing means Holistic marketing.

What does it mean?

It means we have to do the marketing on all the channels of social media including email and SEO

All these channels should be complementary to each other. If a lead is getting generated by Facebook, there should be an email that is customized and sent to the customer mentioning the needs and solution which addresses his/her needs.

After this, the lesson of week 2 talks about building a personal brand when we are starting with digital marketing or as a digital marketer we should build our brand because without a brand it is not possible to achieve our goals in the best possible way. So we have to be passionate talented and you need to understand the market well. After this, we have to overcome our shyness and start with videos, blogging, and reaching out to our clients regularly. 

serve customers with passion and talent Do You Know This About Digital Marketing? Digital Sunil Chaudhary

In this lesson of week 2, we also learned that we cannot be CHEAP on our journey to GREATNESS. Therefore when we are studying or getting trained we have to take notes using a high-quality Fountain Pen and An Executive notebook. This may sound a little childish however writing sticks to our mind for a longer. When we use high-quality items, we are more confident. Are you not more confident when you dress well. Here also, it makes a big difference by using a quality pen and notebook.

Also when we are attending the session we have to keep our internet off and the phone silent so that we can focus on the content being provided. We need to be focused to learn more and more from the training.

This does not only help us learn more but also tells us how we can be a mentor in our upcoming times.

Further, we need to learn how to convert facts into understanding when we can convert facts into understanding we will be better able to help others.

When we are on our path to achieve success we have to have realistic and fixed goals. We can diversify our goals into months, years, etc. 

have a target of 1 crore Do You Know This About Digital Marketing? Digital Sunil Chaudhary

One very important thing is we should take a printout of our dreams and pin them up on our wall so that we can get the reminder regularly. That what is our aim and what is needed to achieve those aims.

It is very important to keep ourselves motivated. I know that motivation comes from within however whenever we feel low we should look up to our leaders and mentors to revitalize our system. That is one of the reasons we have Digital Deepak as our mentor.

At the same time, we have to set financial goals and we have to plan accordingly to achieve them. Focusing on financial goals is very important. Planning about achieving our financial goals is more important.

And that is why we need to be more focused on our training and the implementation of the lessons. I have learned that the primary goal of our savings or income should be one crore. I feel that this one is achievable and we should be able to achieve this at any cost. I strongly feel that having a target of less than one crore is not good for us under the guidance of digital Deepak. We have learned how can we design our products and service to achieve this 1 crore target in one year or two.

importance of setting goals Do You Know This About Digital Marketing? Digital Sunil Chaudhary

Now we have to understand the niche on which we have to work. I do feel that finalizing a niche is very important. Once our niche is finalized then only we will be able to make money. I have personally felt that in the absence of Niche I have not been able to target the customers I can serve. 

The lesson I learned from the week 2 lesson is about greeting customers digital Deepak said that marketing is a science and it is done before creating a product. If I have to relate this with my services which I have been providing for last 7 years I can confidently say that amazing products and services are developed once we know our customers.

I developed OCOCOC after providing SEO and digital services for 3 years. When I realized that my clients are not happy enough with the current services I was thinking about a new product and service. I already had clients in my mind who needed different services. And once I launched the service I was able to get more customers and was able to make more money.

To date, the service is rocking and is one of its types in the whole country and I would say in the whole world. I am proud of OCOCOC. I am proud of this service. 

know your customers and clients. In this way, you will be having a natural ability to market your product and services. You will be able to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Not all the market is behaving, in the same manner, all the time.

Further, I learned that marketing is completely based on Science and lots of pressure and need are required to get results. When we can give the right message to the right person at the right time we can catch more and more clients we can say conversions.

Marketing is a science Do You Know This About Digital Marketing? Digital Sunil Chaudhary

The next thing is achieving the #MassTrust

When you can develop trust for yourself among your client and customers you can do the sales more naturally and with great ease. We have to use marketing to build and develop TRUST not to sell our products and services.

Once the trust is built the sales will happen naturally. Marketing aims to make selling superfluous. 

Mass Trust #MassTrust

What we have to do is we have to create a good and healthy perception about our products/services in the market. We need to understand that a great product sells itself.

When we can provide genuine services and products and we take care of the satisfaction of our customers and we also keep in touch with them even after the sales, The best marketing happens with the help of word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing ever.

Now we have to understand the power of copywriting sales etc.

What I learned from the week 2 lesson is that I have to build a strong brand for myself. while I was getting this lesson of building a strong brand for myself I paused the video multiple times and listen to that again and again. I did not even complete the lessons and paused the video. What I did in the meantime is thinking about how can I build a brand for myself. As I have been doing sales and marketing for the last seven years and after watching this lesson I would say I was able to understand that on how many things I can be the only one in the market

So I narrowed it down to the business ranking expert. You can check in Google. once you search business ranking expert, you will find me (Sunil Chaudhary) on the top of the search engines (Both Bing and Google). It has become possible because of the content writing I learned from digital Deepak and the motivation I got from the week 2 lesson. ‘Business ranking expert’ keyword is ranking for me at the top of the search engine in just 5 hours. So I can say that writing good, genuine, natural content in a conversational method means a lot to search engines. As a result, you can see that I am ranking on top of Google for the “Business banking expert” keyword. I am very much influenced by the concept of being the only one in the market. Because when I am the only one in the market the sales will happen anyways. What is required is I have to market the message appropriately. 

Now digital Deepak tells me to enter a competitive market with a unique angle. I am completing this assignment four days late because I could not stop myself from implementing this lesson. One of my services called OCOCOC I was writing already on the top of Google and I had to test myself by ranking another one. And the other one is “business ranking expert.”

Further, I learned that we have to invest time and energy in learning marketing. Although I know a lot about marketing already I am very much motivated to read more books and implement whatever I learn from my mentor Digital Deepak. Marketing has a very long life once we have a solid understanding of marketing and human psychology we will be more successful and will be able to get work always. 

One thing I cannot agree enough with DeigitalDeepak is that marketing cannot be outsourced completely to a marketing agency. I truly believe in this because I have to have the feelings and the reasoning of the founder of the company.

The involvement of the founder of the company is very important because he only knows what he wants to do how he wants to serve the world. When the Founder is involved in marketing, digital marketing can be far more fruitful. 

Digital Deepak says that the Founder should be a marketer. I also say that the founder should be a marketer and only after that a digital marketing agency can implement his/her thoughts and ideas in a better way. 

If we know how to sell and the market we will have a safe future always. We have already mentioned it above

Talking about the communication skills mention by DigitalDeepak. I have already mentioned above that sales is all about transferring energy. If the salesman does not have the energy level and the confidence in his product or services he/she cannot sell anything. My mentor DigitalDeepak emphasized that good communication does not mean having a sophisticated vocabulary. I know that and I would like to add that you just need to speak with your pure heart and present your products and services. You just make sure that your thoughts are well transferred to your clients and customers. When you can communicate well you are a good marketer.

The next thing about communication is writing. In this digital time writing is I believe the primary source of communication with our clients and customers. So we have to write like we are talking face to face with our a friend. This is what I am doing with this article or I can say I’m trying to do.

Improve Your Marketing Communications Do You Know This About Digital Marketing? Digital Sunil Chaudhary

We need to keep the vocabulary simple and we have to talk in our writing. When we write more and more we are developing clarity on our subject or topic.

To be efficient in this, we should start writing 500 words of text every day. The text can be about your experience of the day or about anything you wish to write. But the lesson is you have to write every day.

This is a little tough but not impossible. just make a timetable and do it anyways. Don’t give yourself any excuse, force yourself to write. After some time you will be naturally forced to write otherwise your day would be incomplete. That is how things and habits work.

The next thing is about the importance of the English language. We all know that the English language is connecting us with many many people around the world, not only in our country. So we have to improve our English language. You would be surprised to know that I have been a language teacher since 2014. So I know how important it is to learn the English language for my students. I have developed many ways to master the language but all the methods are not very different from other mentors. Digital Deepak tells that we have to think in English and that is right. When we start thinking in the English language we will be more capable of speaking and writing the English Language.

The Next thing about the week 2 learning is about Global Economics.

My mentor Emphasised more than enough about developing an understanding of global economics.

I feel that the economy of our country India is still in the development phase and you will be having more and more chances of doing great business ahead. If I talk about the current market of digital marketing in India I would say that most of the business owners are in the phase of considering the options. Business owners in India are still not very confident about digital marketing. We have to guide them teach them providing them consultation and do the proper hand-holding. In this way, we will be able to serve more and more.

As Brian Tracy says that we need to give more than we need, we will be getting more than we give.  

I am going to work on this regularly.

The average age of the Indian population is 27. So we can say that the average age of Indian businessmen is also kind of 27. When we know the average of India’s population is 27 more and more people will be considering marketing as a good option to market their products and services in the coming future.

And in the week 2 lesson, we have also understood that how debt creates money. This topic is not easy to understand however the way Digital Deepak explained I could sense something. I will surely watch that part of the lesson again and will try to read some books about the same to understand it better.

One thing about recession is recession creates strong companies and eliminates weak ones. I believe this is self-explanatory. if you want to resist the power of the recession you have to have some solid fundamentals for your organization and terms of culture and finance as well. A company with a solid fundamental base and with an adequate financial system can survive the recession period.

The next thing is about traditional vs digital marketing. I have understood the impact of TV and radio. At the same time, I have understood the benefits of digital marketing for growing businesses and how many ways to track the performance of the market. When it comes to traditional marketing we are not able to track the performance of our budget and how the ad performed in the market.

The next topic is the CATT marketing funnel

As I have already mentioned above in the article that this is the most important thing by Digital Deepak in the week 2 lesson. He talks about how wealth is related to our niche multiplied with the power of CATT. We have to create amazing useful content with the help of blog post video and then we have to drive attention with the help of social media paid ads and referrals. The next step is to build trust with the help of tripwires marketing motivation etc. And when all the things happen the final one is going with the transaction. We have to convert our lead into our customers with natural sales methods.

Once we have created the appropriate and high-quality content we have driven the attention we have built the trust, we will be doing the natural sales more and more.

The last thing and I would say the very very important thing is personal branding. I do feel that I was able to sell more than my sales executives. It was because I had a bigger personal brand than my sales executives. my salespeople were not able to crack the sales. They did not have enough confidence in the services we were providing. Here I can say that finding the right employee is important and providing the best and the appropriate training is required otherwise the Founder will only be the salesperson in the company. However, as per the system, we are going to create with the help of digital Deepak I can say that being a single salesperson in the company is not wrong. Or I would say you do not need salespeople. Because we will be having Integrated digital marketing and then we will be having webinars. You can be the only salesperson in your company for now. But for that matter, you need to build a brand evolve your brand. 

You need to learn concepts facts and procedures deeply again and again. Then you have to implement all those learnings in your work. It is already mentioned that we have to write every day and it is better that you publish your work every day on your blog. One thing which is required is the editing of your text it is very important and already mentioned that you should be working on your English language skills.

We can provide one-to-one free consultations.

I was very much hesitant about providing free consultations earlier. But after this training, I am pretty much confident about the impact of the FREE Consultations. Now I understand that only after providing free consultations we can convince the people of our conviction. then only We can be the mentor which we need to be.

Do You Know This About Digital Marketing? Digital Sunil Chaudhary Give FREE consultations and free sessions to clients customers students

And the last thing DigitalDeepak tells us that once you are done with your learning working Consulting mentoring you can start your startup. That is the kind of repeating the process. Once you are done with one niche you can proceed with another one and can make more money and serve more people and can make a BIG difference around the world.

Conclusion – Why do we need conclusions all the time. unless we are not able to understand read between the lines, we will not be an able marketers. Do not look for a conclusion here. Just Skim the article and you will get a lot.

Sunil Chaudhary

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