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Amit Sangwan: In the vast landscape of YouTube, where creators span from comedians to educators, there exists a figure who has gained attention for his unique blend of content. Amit Sangwan, self-proclaimed as the “number-one clarity giver,” has carved a niche for himself on the platform with his diverse range of videos covering philosophy, Indian current affairs, astrology, movie reviews, and trending topics. But who exactly is Amit Sangwan, and what sets him apart from other YouTube personalities? Let’s delve into the life and controversies surrounding this intriguing figure.

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Amit Sangwan: Self-Proclaimed No.1 Clarity Giver

Amit Sangwan: Self-Proclaimed No.1 Clarity Giver

The Background:

Amit Sangwan’s personal background is somewhat shrouded in mystery. According to an unverified Facebook profile, he pursued his education at JNU before moving to Gurugram in 2021. However, details about his professional life prior to his YouTube career remain elusive.

The Channels:

Sangwan’s YouTube presence is extensive, with several channels under his belt. These include Sango Life Sutras, Clarity for Youth, Guruji from Gurugram, Sango Real Estate, and Sango Saral Jyotish. Through these channels, he aims to provide clarity and insights into various aspects of life, catering to a diverse audience.

Expertise in Real Estate:

One of Sangwan’s claims to fame is his supposed expertise in real estate investment, particularly in the Gurugram area where he resides. He offers advice on property selection, emphasizing factors like the builder’s reputation, location, and long-term wealth creation. His insights, however, have faced skepticism from some quarters.

Controversies and Criticisms:

Sangwan is no stranger to controversy. He has been vocal in his criticisms of other prominent YouTubers, most notably Sandeep Maheshwari. Sangwan has accused Maheshwari of lacking domain knowledge and even claimed that Maheshwari’s team copies ideas from his videos. Such confrontations have fueled tensions within the YouTube community.

Self-Praise and Unconventional Views:

A recurring theme in Sangwan’s content is his penchant for self-praise. He encourages individuals to present themselves in superlative terms, arguing that it is essential for marketing purposes. Additionally, Sangwan holds unconventional views on topics such as friendship, advising against equating it with siblinghood.


In the world of YouTube, Amit Sangwan stands out as a controversial figure with a distinctive approach to content creation. While his self-proclaimed status as a clarity giver and real estate expert has garnered him a following, his confrontational attitude and criticisms of other YouTubers have sparked debate. Whether you see him as a thought leader or a provocateur, there’s no denying that Amit Sangwan has made his mark on the platform

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Educational Background

Amit Sangwan has risen to prominence on YouTube as a self-proclaimed “number-one clarity giver,” offering insights into various aspects of life through his diverse range of content. From philosophy to Indian current affairs, astrology, movie reviews, and trending topics, Sangwan’s channels cater to a wide audience. But what lies behind the persona, and what sets him apart from other YouTube personalities? Let’s delve deeper into his life and controversies.

Educational Background:

Amit Sangwan’s educational background is not extensively documented, but according to an unverified Facebook profile, he pursued his education at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) before relocating to Gurugram in 2021. This educational background might have influenced his perspective and the topics he covers on his YouTube channels.

Career and Channels:

Sangwan runs several YouTube channels, each focusing on different themes. These include:

  • Sango Life Sutras: A channel where Sangwan delves into philosophical topics and life advice.
  • Clarity for Youth: Aimed at providing guidance to young individuals on various aspects of life, including career choices, financial decisions, and personal development.
  • Guruji from Gurugram: This channel likely focuses on local topics, given Sangwan’s residence in Gurugram.
  • Sango Real Estate: Sangwan claims to be an expert in real estate investment, and this channel offers advice and insights into the real estate market, particularly in Gurugram.
  • Sango Saral Jyotish: An astrology-focused channel where Sangwan likely provides astrological readings and insights.

Through these channels, Sangwan aims to provide clarity and perspective on topics that he finds important or interesting.

Expertise in Real Estate:

Sangwan claims to be knowledgeable about real estate investment, particularly in Gurugram, where he resides. He offers advice on property selection, emphasizing factors such as the reputation of the builder, location, and long-term wealth creation potential. While he claims to have insights into the real estate scene, the credibility of his expertise has been questioned by some.

Controversies and Criticisms:

Sangwan has been embroiled in controversies, particularly due to his confrontational attitude towards other prominent YouTubers. Notably, he has criticized Sandeep Maheshwari, another popular figure in the Indian YouTube community, accusing him of lacking domain knowledge and copying ideas from his videos. These criticisms have led to tensions within the YouTube community and sparked debates among viewers.

“Never call your friend a brother” – Amit Sangwan

Amit Sangwan’s perspective on the dynamics of friendship and siblinghood has stirred both curiosity and controversy. In this section, we delve into Sangwan’s views on this topic and explore the implications of his statements.

Friendship vs. Siblinghood:

Sangwan is vocal about his belief that friendship should not be equated with siblinghood. He argues that people, especially men, often place their friendships with male friends on a pedestal, sometimes at the expense of their relationships with family members. According to Sangwan, maintaining quality relations with blood relatives and close relatives should take precedence over friendships.

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Opposition to Using the Term “Brother” for Friends:

One of Sangwan’s most notable assertions is his advice to “never call your friend a brother.” He sees it as a great injustice to the word “Bhai” (brother) and believes that this term should be reserved exclusively for blood relations. By discouraging the use of such familial terms among friends, Sangwan aims to emphasize the importance of maintaining boundaries and respect for familial relationships.

Critique of Friendship Portrayal in Media:

Sangwan’s viewpoint extends to his critique of how friendship is portrayed in movies and popular culture. He dismisses the glorification of friendship shown in films as nonsense, suggesting that it often creates unrealistic expectations and detracts from the value of genuine familial bonds.

Analysis and Implications:

Sangwan’s stance on friendship and siblinghood reflects a traditional and conservative perspective that prioritizes family ties over friendships. By advocating for the distinction between the two, he encourages individuals to maintain strong connections with their relatives while not undervaluing the significance of friendships.

However, Sangwan’s viewpoint may be contentious for some, especially those who prioritize their friendships as deeply as their familial relationships. The idea of not using terms like “brother” or “sister” for close friends may seem restrictive or outdated to some individuals who view their friends as chosen family.


Amit Sangwan’s advice to “never call your friend a brother” highlights his belief in the importance of maintaining boundaries between friendships and familial relationships. While his perspective may resonate with some, others may find it overly restrictive or contrary to their own experiences and values. Ultimately, Sangwan’s views provoke thought and discussion on the nature of relationships and the roles they play in our lives.

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Content and Channels:

Amit Sangwan’s YouTube presence spans across multiple channels, each dedicated to different subjects, catering to a diverse audience. Here, we delve into the content and themes of his channels, highlighting Sangwan’s commitment to providing clarity and guidance in various aspects of life.

Sango Life Sutras:

This channel serves as a platform for Sangwan to explore philosophical topics and offer insights into life’s deeper questions. Sangwan uses this space to share wisdom, reflections, and practical advice aimed at helping viewers navigate the complexities of existence.

Clarity for Youth:

“Clarity for Youth” is dedicated to providing guidance and advice specifically tailored to young individuals. Sangwan aims to equip the youth with the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their careers, finances, and life choices. By emphasizing clarity over mere motivation, Sangwan seeks to empower young people to pursue paths that align with their values and aspirations.

Guruji from Gurugram:

This channel likely focuses on local topics relevant to Sangwan’s residence in Gurugram. While specific content details may vary, Sangwan likely shares insights, tips, and perspectives on issues pertinent to the local community.

Sango Real Estate:

Sangwan’s expertise in real estate investment is showcased on this channel. Here, he provides advice, tips, and insights into the real estate market, with a particular focus on properties in the Gurugram area. Sangwan aims to assist viewers in making informed decisions about real estate investments, emphasizing factors such as location, builder reputation, and long-term wealth creation potential.

Sango Saral Jyotish:

This channel explores astrology and related topics, offering viewers astrological readings, predictions, and insights. Sangwan likely provides guidance on how astrology can influence various aspects of life, such as career choices, relationships, and personal development.

Emphasis on Clarity and Guidance:

Across all his channels, Sangwan maintains a consistent theme of providing clarity and guidance to his audience. Unlike many motivational speakers who focus solely on inspiring action, Sangwan prioritizes helping viewers make informed decisions. He believes that clarity is essential for personal growth and success, particularly for young individuals navigating the complexities of modern life.


Amit Sangwan’s YouTube channels cover a wide range of subjects, reflecting his diverse interests and areas of expertise. Through his content, Sangwan aims to provide clarity and guidance to his audience, whether they are seeking philosophical insights, real estate advice, or personal development tips. By emphasizing informed decision-making over mere motivation, Sangwan empowers viewers to take control of their lives and pursue paths that align with their values and aspirations

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Dig At Sandeep Maheshwari

Amit Sangwan’s criticisms of Sandeep Maheshwari, a prominent entrepreneur and motivational speaker, have sparked controversy within the YouTube community. In this section, we examine Sangwan’s various criticisms and viewpoints regarding Maheshwari.

Lack of Specific Domain Knowledge:

In one of his videos, Sangwan took a direct dig at Sandeep Maheshwari, claiming that Maheshwari lacks specific domain knowledge. Sangwan stated, “He doesn’t have any specific domain knowledge. He only has chauffeur knowledge and no deep knowledge. That’s why he can’t launch any of his courses.” This criticism suggests that Sangwan believes Maheshwari lacks expertise in particular areas and relies more on superficial knowledge.

Rejection of Collaboration and Disagreement with Maheshwari’s Preaching:

Despite his own perceived knowledge and popularity, Sangwan expressed disappointment at not receiving an invitation from Sandeep Maheshwari to collaborate, attributing it to his lower subscriber count. Furthermore, Sangwan stated that he would reject any collaboration offer from Maheshwari in the future due to disagreement with Maheshwari’s teachings. “I don’t appreciate what you preach,” Sangwan asserted, indicating a fundamental disagreement with Maheshwari’s philosophy and approach.

Critique of Maheshwari’s Motivational Phrase:

Sangwan also criticized Maheshwari’s popular motivational phrase, “Aasaan Hai Aasaan Hai” (It’s easy, it’s doable), suggesting that Maheshwari has stopped using it due to criticisms from individuals like Sangwan who believe that nothing is easy and motivation is nonsensical. This critique reflects Sangwan’s skepticism towards motivational messages that oversimplify challenges and ignore the complexities of life.

Timing of Maheshwari’s Video Release:

Sangwan questioned the timing of one of Maheshwari’s videos, which indirectly pointed to another YouTuber, Vivek Bindra. Sangwan suggested that Maheshwari strategically chose to release the video on December 11th, following a clash between Bindra and his second wife on December 6th. Sangwan implied that Maheshwari capitalized on the controversy surrounding Bindra to garner more views for his own video.

Accusations of Content Theft:

Sangwan has also accused Sandeep Maheshwari of plagiarizing his content. He claimed that Maheshwari’s team takes new ideas to cover on YouTube from his videos, citing an example where Maheshwari covered a topic on UPSC coaching, which Sangwan had already explored. Sangwan asserted that his analysis of the UPSC coaching industry was superior to Maheshwari’s coverage on the same topic.


Amit Sangwan’s criticisms of Sandeep Maheshwari range from questioning his expertise and preaching style to alleging content theft. While some may view Sangwan’s critiques as valid challenges to Maheshwari’s authority and authenticity, others may see them as unfounded attacks driven by personal or professional rivalry. Regardless, Sangwan’s outspokenness has added fuel to the ongoing debates within the YouTube community.

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Never Live in The Awe of Others

Never Live in The Awe of Others

Amit Sangwan’s philosophy of not living in the awe of others is a cornerstone of his teachings, reflecting his belief in self-reliance and authenticity. In this section, we explore Sangwan’s perspective on this topic and its implications for personal growth and success.

Sangwan’s Perspective:

Amit Sangwan emphasizes the importance of not being overly impressed or influenced by others. He encourages individuals to develop their own identities and pursue their goals without being swayed by external pressures or the achievements of others. Sangwan believes that living in the awe of others can hinder one’s ability to think independently and make decisions that align with their true desires and values.

Focus on Self-Reliance:

For Sangwan, not living in the awe of others is about fostering self-reliance and self-confidence. He encourages individuals to trust in their own abilities and judgment rather than constantly seeking validation or approval from others. By relying on oneself, Sangwan believes that individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve greater success in life.

Authenticity and Individuality:

Central to Sangwan’s philosophy is the idea of authenticity. He advocates for staying true to oneself and avoiding the temptation to imitate or emulate others simply because they are admired or successful. According to Sangwan, true fulfillment comes from embracing one’s unique strengths, interests, and values, rather than trying to conform to societal expectations or the standards set by others.

Avoiding Comparison and Competition:

Living in the awe of others often leads to comparison and competition, which Sangwan discourages. He believes that constantly measuring oneself against others can breed insecurity and anxiety, ultimately hindering personal growth and happiness. Instead, Sangwan encourages individuals to focus on their own journey and progress, without getting caught up in comparisons with others.

Online Presence and Social Media:

In today’s digital age, where social media platforms often showcase curated versions of people’s lives, Sangwan’s message of not living in the awe of others is particularly relevant. He warns against comparing oneself to the highlight reels of others on social media and urges individuals to cultivate a healthy relationship with online platforms, using them as tools for inspiration rather than sources of insecurity.


Amit Sangwan’s philosophy of not living in the awe of others serves as a reminder to prioritize self-reliance, authenticity, and individuality. By embracing one’s own strengths and values, and avoiding comparison with others, Sangwan believes that individuals can lead more fulfilling and successful lives. In a world where external influences abound, Sangwan’s message encourages introspection and self-confidence, empowering individuals to chart their own paths with conviction and purpose.

Controversial Claims / Interesting Facts about Amit Sangwan

Amit Sangwan’s approach to self-promotion and his bold claims have stirred controversy and intrigue within the YouTube community. In this section, we delve into some of Sangwan’s controversial claims and interesting facts about him.

Preaches for Self-Praising:

Sangwan advocates for self-praising and blowing one’s own trumpet as a marketing strategy. He believes it’s crucial to speak about oneself in superlative terms, especially when trying to attract customers to buy products or services. In multiple videos, Sangwan boldly claims to be the number one clarity giver and asserts that he covers topics from perspectives that no one else is willing to explore. He uses the analogy of the lion, stating that despite not being the fastest, strongest, or biggest, the lion is called the king of the jungle because it believes it is. Sangwan further suggests that to market oneself as number one, it is necessary to bring other people down.

Expertise in Real Estate:

Sangwan runs a channel dedicated to real estate called Sango Real Estate, where he claims to be the most knowledgeable person about real estate investment in India. He provides advice, tips, and insights into the real estate market, particularly focusing on properties in the Gurugram area. Sangwan’s bold assertion of his expertise in real estate has raised eyebrows among some viewers, who question the validity of his claims.


Sangwan’s approach to self-promotion and his claims of expertise have generated mixed reactions from viewers. While some appreciate his confidence and assertiveness, others criticize him for his perceived arrogance and self-aggrandizement. Sangwan’s philosophy of self-praising and positioning himself as a market leader may resonate with some audiences seeking confidence and motivation, but it may also alienate those who value humility and authenticity.

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Sangwan’s viewpoint about Vivek Bindra’s videos

Amit Sangwan has shared his constructive criticism regarding Vivek Bindra’s videos, particularly focusing on the perceived shortcomings of collaborations with prominent YouTubers and the inclusion of case studies about successful individuals like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

Critique of Collaborations:

In one of his videos, Sangwan criticized the practice of collaborating with big YouTubers, suggesting that it does not yield significant benefits for the viewer. He argues that such collaborations may serve more as a means of boosting the collaborating YouTubers’ profiles rather than providing valuable content to the audience. Sangwan implies that the focus on collaborations may distract from delivering genuine and meaningful content.

Criticism of Case Studies:

Sangwan also expressed skepticism about the usefulness of case studies involving famous individuals like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. He refers to this type of content as “chauffeur’s knowledge,” suggesting that it lacks practical application in real life. According to Sangwan, merely discussing the success stories of these figures does not translate into actionable insights or tangible benefits for viewers. He believes that focusing on such case studies may divert attention away from more practical and relevant content.


Sangwan’s critique of Vivek Bindra’s videos reflects his emphasis on delivering content that is both informative and actionable for viewers. By questioning the value of collaborations and case studies, Sangwan challenges the conventional wisdom often embraced by motivational speakers and self-help gurus. He encourages content creators to prioritize substance over style and to provide practical insights that can genuinely benefit their audience.

Amit Sangwan’s Previous Job and Experience

Despite his significant presence on YouTube and other social media platforms, there is limited information available regarding Amit Sangwan’s previous job and professional experience. While Sangwan has shared insights into various topics such as business ideas and real estate investment on his channels, details about his own career background remain scarce.

Lack of Information:

Searching online yields little to no concrete information about Sangwan’s past employment or business ventures. It appears that Sangwan has not publicly disclosed details about his previous job roles, industry experience, or specific business endeavors.

Business Ideas and Entrepreneurship:

Sangwan has been known to provide innovative business ideas that he claims could potentially earn up to 1 crore rupees. However, it is unclear whether Sangwan has implemented these ideas himself or if they are purely theoretical concepts presented for his audience’s benefit. Without verified information about his previous job or entrepreneurial ventures, it is challenging to determine the extent of Sangwan’s practical experience in the business sector.

Questions About Profitability:

While Sangwan may offer valuable insights and advice on business and investment topics, some viewers may question the credibility of his teachings without concrete evidence of his own success in these areas. The lack of information about Sangwan’s previous job and experience raises doubts about his expertise and the validity of his claims.


Despite Amit Sangwan’s extensive presence on YouTube and his apparent knowledge in various subjects, the absence of information about his previous job and professional experience leaves questions unanswered. While Sangwan shares valuable insights and business ideas, viewers may approach his content with skepticism until more information about his background and accomplishments is made available. Without verified evidence of Sangwan’s own success in business or entrepreneurship, his credibility as a source of advice in these areas may be called into question

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