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We at Aatman Agro are engaged in providing 100% authentic Desi Gir Cow’s Pure Bilona Ghee, made from the traditional process of churning curd and getting Makhan from it. We believe that in recent times people in our country have forgotten the importance of Desi Cow’s Bilona Ghee, as was emphasized by our ancestors. Many organizations have now come forward for recreating awareness for Desi Cow Milk products in our country and we aim to be a part of that mission by providing Desi Gir Cow’s pure Bilona Ghee to our customers and recreating awareness amongst people of our country about the Vedic importance of Desi cow’s Bilona Ghee.

Aatman Agro Desi Cow Bilona Ghee Mumbai

Our Products

We offer desi cow bilona ghee and curated range of raw and organic honey online, produced at our farms.

Ghee – Satattva A2 Bilona Ghee comes in two different sizes to cater to the needs of your family. Produced from the milk of Desi Gir Cows, hand-churned A2 bilona ghee online is available to everyone who doesn’t want to compromise on the taste and quality of pure ghee.

Honey – Satattva Ayurvedic Honey comes in six different variants:

  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Jamun Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Multifloral Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Neem Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Ajwain Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Acacia Honey
  • Ayurvedic Raw and Natural Tulsi Honey


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