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Kargil Defence Academy has the vision to impart the best training to our students to fulfill their passion for joining the Indian Armed Forces or Para-military Forces. We are a team of highly experienced Officers and subject matter experts at KDA with state of the art infrastructure to train our students. We believe in imparting quality education to the students who aspire to become an Officer. Our results are the best and students come to us from all parts of the country.

We help achieve goals through a planned strategy and counseling from time-to-time along the course duration to take care of grey areas.

Why we do it – It is all about making a difference in each individual’s lives coming to us!


Senior Army Officers manage the Academy with a lot of experience.

It is being run as a joint venture with total dedication and personal touch.

Instructors are available all the time to solve the problems of students and guide them appropriately.

Institute is self-owned in a commercial area.

Col. J S. Chauhan, YSM was GTO in SSB Bhopal for three and half years and has been imparting training for the last 15 years in this field after retirement with excellent results.

Brig. V D Singh Nirwan is a trained and experienced interviewing officer (IO), Psychologist and has been imparting training for the last ten years with a very high rate of success.

Academy Results have been commendable. A large number of candidates have cleared SSB. This was made possible due to the personal attention given to each aspirant.

There are large many senior and experienced Officers paneled with the Academy as visiting faculty/guest speakers to impart training to the students in this field.

The Academy has the best of infrastructure with AC rooms.

It has the best of GTO Grounds in a 1000 square meter plot near the institute.

Best of faculty in all subjects for written Examinations. All instructors are postgraduates in their subjects with adequate experience.

We conduct classes with ideal batch size, for SSB, not more than ten candidates as per the Selection Board and

Written Examining norms, not more than 40 students as per academic policies.

We pay special attention to Maths and English. We allocate 60 Hrs for Maths, 30 Hrs for English and 60 Hrs for General Knowledge, and 30 Hrs for mock tests for an ordinary course of 45 days.

Public Transportation is readily available.

Students are put through mock-up tests. For SSB – GTO, IO, Psychologist Tests are conducted more than twice.

About Kargil Defence Academy

AIM of Kargil Defence Academy is to train and motivate youths to join Defence Forces as an officer. Armed Forces have a shortage of more than 13000 Officers, and Kargil Defence Academy is trying its best to overcome this deficiency by providing selfless service. It is a registered education institute by Registrar Sansthan, Jaipur. On popular demand, KDA has also started courses and training for soldiers in all three services.


VOLUNTARY, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race, or creed.


OUR QUALITY is being monitored by a highly battle experienced team of Officers consisting of Ex-GTO, Trained Psychologist, and Interviewing Officer.


LIVE EXPOSURE provided by the Academy to train candidates for Officers’ cadre in both Written and SSB interviews and join any Corporate Sector.

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