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By Archana Chaudhary

Top 50 YouTube Searches in India: What’s Trending on the Video Streaming Giant

In today’s digital age, YouTube has become a powerhouse of entertainment and information. With millions of videos uploaded daily, it’s no wonder that people turn to this platform for everything from news updates to the latest songs and movie trailers. To give you a glimpse into the YouTube trends in India, we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 YouTube searches along with their search volumes. Let’s dive in and explore what’s capturing the attention of Indian viewers!

1. Aaj Tak LiveSearch Volume: 3,230,000

  • Aaj Tak is one of India’s most-watched Hindi news channels, and viewers often search for its live broadcasts to stay updated on current events.

2. TV9 Live TeluguSearch Volume: 2,050,000

  • TV9 Telugu is a popular Telugu news channel, and many users search for its live stream for the latest news.

3. Jabardasth Latest EpisodeSearch Volume: 1,520,000

  • The Telugu comedy show “Jabardasth” has a massive following, with fans eagerly searching for its latest episodes.

4. PUBG LiveSearch Volume: 1,510,000

  • The battle royale game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) continues to captivate gamers, leading to numerous live streams.

5. Telugu MoviesSearch Volume: 1,420,000

  • Indian cinema is a significant part of the culture, and YouTube is the go-to platform for movie trailers and clips.

6. SongsSearch Volume: 1,400,000

  • Music is a universal language, and YouTube offers an extensive collection of songs across genres.

7. South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2019 NewSearch Volume: 1,190,000

  • Viewers seek out dubbed South Indian movies for their unique storytelling and action-packed sequences.

8. New Song 2019Search Volume: 1,010,000

  • Music lovers look for the latest tracks from their favorite artists.

9. MoviesSearch Volume: 870,000

  • General movie searches encompass a wide range of genres and languages.

10. New South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi 2019 FullSearch Volume: 869,000 – The fascination with South Indian cinema transcends language barriers, leading to searches for dubbed versions.

11. New SongSearch Volume: 858,000 – Staying updated with the newest music releases is a top priority for YouTube users.

12. TV9 Kannada LiveSearch Volume: 816,000 – The Kannada-speaking population turns to TV9 Kannada for live news coverage.

13. Kabir Singh SongSearch Volume: 800,000 – “Kabir Singh” made waves with its music, leading to searches for its songs.

14. Hindi SongsSearch Volume: 792,000 – Hindi songs, with their rich melodies and meaningful lyrics, are a staple on YouTube.

15. ABP News LiveSearch Volume: 777,000 – ABP News is another trusted Hindi news channel with a dedicated YouTube audience.

16. New Punjabi Songs 2019Search Volume: 769,000 – Punjabi music has a global fan base, and YouTube is the platform to discover the latest hits.

17. WWESearch Volume: 764,000 – Wrestling fans search for WWE matches and highlights on YouTube.

18. SongSearch Volume: 720,000 – General song searches encompass a broad spectrum of music genres.

19. WiFiStudySearch Volume: 701,000 – WiFiStudy is a popular educational channel in India, and students search for its content.

20. Ashish ChanchlaniSearch Volume: 682,000 – Ashish Chanchlani is a beloved Indian YouTuber known for his comedic sketches.

The list continues with more exciting searches, showcasing the diverse interests of Indian YouTube users:

21. Punjabi SongsSearch Volume: 669,000 22. India TV LiveSearch Volume: 653,000 23. Sakshi TV LiveSearch Volume: 649,000 24. Asianet News LiveSearch Volume: 649,000 25. Dynamo GamingSearch Volume: 632,000 26. CarryMinatiSearch Volume: 626,000 27. PewDiePieSearch Volume: 618,000 28. BB Ki VinesSearch Volume: 616,000 29. Hanuman ChalisaSearch Volume: 601,000 30. Hollywood Movies in Hindi Dubbed Full Action HDSearch Volume: 600,000 31. Telugu SongsSearch Volume: 599,000 32. Movies 2019 Full MoviesSearch Volume: 593,000 33. Tik Tok VideoSearch Volume: 578,000 34. T-SeriesSearch Volume: 544,000 35. V6 News LiveSearch Volume: 538,000 36. Telugu Movies 2019 Full Length MoviesSearch Volume: 521,000 37. Tamil MoviesSearch Volume: 521,000 38. New Movies 2019Search Volume: 520,000 39. Hindi MoviesSearch Volume: 519,000 40. ABN Live TeluguSearch Volume: 515,000 41. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah ChashmahSearch Volume: 513,000 42. PUBGSearch Volume: 512,000 43. Rowdy BabySearch Volume: 511,000 44. Bhojpuri SongSearch Volume: 509,000 45. Jaby KoaySearch Volume: 494,000 46. Polimer News LiveSearch Volume: 492,000 47. Uppum MulakumSearch Volume: 490,000 48. Tom and JerrySearch Volume: 485,000 49. DoraemonSearch Volume: 484,000 50. Songs 2019Search Volume: 484,000

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog, where we’ll explore the remaining top YouTube searches in India!

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